A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Unfortunately, I did not find any secret stash of money in the attic. I did however, strike gold in the memory department! From childhood innocence, shock factors, questionable fashion, to teenage fun. So tonight I am going to take you down a piece of my memory lane.

Childhood Innocence:

This is Svend. He was my first crush, and Joe’s Best Friend. I sent this picture to the Sibling Group Chat and I said “I was going to marry him. He moved away and forgot about me though.” I was like 7, he had an accent, and was totally cute! Could you blame me?! I swear to you every picture that Svend was in, Nicolle was in! I can remember Svend, Joe, and Dad teaching me to swim that summer. If they were in the pool, I was in the pool. Joe had other friends, but they weren’t as nice or cool as Svend. At 7 my brother and his friends were so nice and cool. I am sure I was probably the annoying little sister, but I don’t remember Joe EVER making me feel like it. So thank you Joe for always being the cool brother 😉

Element of Shock:

The Element of Shock and my brother’s went hand and hand. When I saw this picture I had to laugh. I am not sure I have ever seen my dad look so mad in a picture! I am willing to bet that Joe and his friends did or said something that did not make dad happy, and completely shocked Deanna. I can almost picture Dee saying “OMG I can not believe you guys did that!” and I can almost picture mom behind the camera laughing at whatever idiotic thing they did! Joe was mom’s baby, I’m not sure he ever got in trouble with her!

Questionable Fashion:

This picture of my good friend Kristi and I was taken in 1993 for Scott’s graduation. There is nothing more to say other than LAUGH, that is what Kristi and I did! What in the world were we wearing?! Rompers? I forgot those were a thing back in the day. We are not even going to discuss my hair. Why oh why? Let’s move along………

Teenage Fun:

Wow 11th grade Homecoming with one of my Best Friends, Amanda. What a fun night! The memories with this girl stretch over a 26 year span. We have had our ups and we have had our downs, but she has always had my back. This picture reminds me of the good ole’ days of no worries, laughter, the stupidity of being a teenager, but the importance of friendships!

I had hoped to find something rare in the attic, but I am glad to have found these memories and so many more (I could post pictures and tell stories for days!) These were the memories that I needed to flood my head with.

While life may not always be sunshine and rainbows, we have our memories to help remind us of times much simpler than these. A time where we didn’t stress, or worry over any and everything. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What does your picture say?

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Taking Care of Houseplants & People

I remember my mom having a love for houseplants. I am not really one to pay attention to all the details, so I am not sure where they all came from, but there were a ton. I am not exaggerating either. There were plants everywhere – in almost every room. At the house in Ohio {my favorite house ever}, I remember a large windowsill where she kept, what seemed like, dozens of plants all clumped together to fight for sunlight. It really was beautiful until I was the one who had to water them.

I do not have the mom green thumb gene. That is yet another great mom quality that went to the boys. I have two plants in my home – two – both who regularly fight for their life. I won’t recount all the others who didn’t make it {RIP}… I don’t know why it is so hard for me to keep a plant alive, but I just can’t seem to get it right. There are a lot of instructions to follow when it comes to keeping plants healthy – and every plant is different. I can’t keep it all straight.

Despite my lack of skills in caring for them, I sure do love plants and flowers. Aside from the many benefits of houseplants {google that – you’ll be amazed}, I just like their simple beauty. The elegance of their leaves. The intricacies of their design. The vibrancy of their color. It is no wonder mom loved them so much.

Over the weekend, I took the plunge and purchased an orchid. I have been eyeing orchids for years. They are so beautiful, but I have heard they are pretty easy to kill. That is a deal breaker for me. I like to go for the plants people say are hard to kill, mostly because I like a challenge… I guess I chose a different kind of challenge this time – in the form of a pretty purple orchid. As Gavin was making fun of my choice to bring home another doomed plant, I vowed I would do my best to take care of it.

Which got me thinking… {queue sappy music}  

Caring for people is like caring for plants. It takes a conscious effort and I have to work hard at both. I have to be intentional in remembering to provide for needs. I have to be willing focus my attention on others. I have to set aside my own interests. I have to put others first. Relationships are important. I’d argue they are just as important as the houseplants I adore. So today, as we get our week started, my little Monday Motivational pep talk is to encourage you to set aside your own self and look to see the good in others.

There is a lot of divisiveness in this world. A lot. And much of it can be avoided if we would seek to understand other perspectives and have conversations that involved intelligent thought rather than cramming an irrelevant Bible verse down someone’s throat to make a point. We need to do better at speaking life into people {and plants} instead of talking down to them. We need to do better at lifting up and encouraging instead of dragging them through the mud. We need to do better at seeing others as made in the image of God – because we are all made in the image of God.

No, not everyone loves Jesus the way I do – but that is okay. I can love them like Jesus loves me – because that is what he tells me to do and that is what I want to spew out of my pores.


It is God’s command to love him and love others and it is non-negotiable.

Love the people who look and act and think in ways that differ from the way you look and act and think.

Love the people who make decisions that are different than the decisions you make.

Love the people who have different morals and values and convictions.

Love the people who love Jesus and love the people who don’t even more so that maybe someday they will.

Don’t try to reason your way out of loving someone because you don’t agree with them, their choices, or their lifestyle. God didn’t tell you to try to change anyone. He just said to love people – because he loved you first. Don’t try to hide behind a Bible verse that tells you otherwise.

The next time you water your plants, please remind me to do the same – but also remember to take care in your relationships. People are just as complex and complicated as plants, but people are important. It really is that simple.

How will you love others this week? Be open to all the possibilities…

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Sunrise Gratitude & Prayers

By definition, gratitude is being thankful for the special, precious things we are presented with each day. It could be a person, a place, an experience, a circumstance, or an object. It is simply something we did not obtain on our own. We didn’t work tirelessly for it. We didn’t manipulate a situation for it. We didn’t buy it. The things we are grateful for, the blessings in our lives, are things we can’t take or make in our own strength. The sunrise fits the bill every single time. If it wouldn’t be so redundant, I would say how thankful I was for the sunrise each and every day. It is more than mere beauty in the sky. It represents a fresh start. Another chance to get it right.  

Research tells us that practicing gratitude is good for our health – quite literally. Those who make a point to stop and verbalize their blessings are known to have better health, less stress, and positive emotions. People who are filled with gratitude tend to also be more generous and trusting. Interesting, isn’t it? When we take the time to see how fortunate we are outside our own will, we are changed.  

I am changed by the beauty of the sky – the sunrises, the sunsets, and everything in-between. It has a way of softening me and reminding my heart of all that is good and right in the world.  I always point out gorgeous color schemes to my son. He usually responds with a nonchalant, “that’s cool,” but I know he is paying attention because sometimes he notices the sky first and points it out to me. I pray for him relentlessly – that he will be caught up in the world in a much different way than the world hopes. That he will know he belongs, and he would make others feel the same. I pray he would be a boy who grows up to be a man with great compassion, looking at others through the lens of Jesus. When I feel like I am failing as a parent, I look at the sky and remember the same one who painted brilliance there is the same one who created my child. And when he looks at the sky, I pray he will remember the same. My load is lighter when I stare at the sky – and as I remember and pray, I am ever grateful.

The sun rises and the sun sets. Let’s remember to be grateful for each moment in-between. Share your favorite sky picture this weekend and tell us what you see, remember, or pray. Don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can smile with you!

~ D 🙂

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Thousands of Miracles

Each morning I wake up, make my coffee and send out texts to friends and family to let them know that someone is thinking of them. It started with a few friends that I knew were going through things and they reminded me that a simple morning text at times was what got them through the day. My list has changed over the years, some have been added, others removed but it’s been part of my morning routine for several years now. After I say my good mornings in hopes of starting the day off on a positive note for friends and family, I go to Facebook and post a morning laugh and a morning thought.

Over the years I have received feedback that these thoughts and laughs have made people smile, think, reflect, hope and dream. And, while I started these posts for myself, I continued it daily as a result of the feedback that something as simple as these posts somehow had value to others who visited my page.

The other day I posted a morning thought that life was a series of thousands of miracles…and it challenged people to notice them. It was not really a profound thought, but as my day went on I did realize it is very needed in today’s world.

That night I turned on the news. Those that know me know that I try stay away from the media monster, but I know it’s still important to know the pulse of things going on in the world to help me keep a grounded perspective on the things important to me.

Highlights of the news reports that night were impeachment trials, covid mutations, inclement weather patterns, economic woes, sporadic stock markets, and a divided country. We are living in some pretty scary times. I’ve seen how the combination of all these things have caused countless people to worry, stress, lose sleep, wonder and even fear each passing day.

With everything going on in such a socially connected world it’s easy to get consumed with the drama and woes of everything unfolding. It’s easy to see the problems. They are real. They have an impact on us, financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

The hard part isn’t seeing the issues. The hard part isn’t the wonder of what to do. The hard part isn’t even the fear of what’s next. From my experiences, the hardest part is stopping the cycle. The hardest part sometimes is simply… just stopping.

It’s cliche at best to say stop worrying, even if we know that could be the simplest answer. It’s not easy to stop in a world that’s made for speed. And, we have been taught all our lives things like the early bird gets the worm, work harder, stand strong, don’t back down, give an inch they expect a mile. It’s not a wonder why life causes stress with philosophies like this. We expect things as a result of our hard work, we anguish over what we don’t have instead of stopping to appreciate all that we do.

After I hastily turned the news off, I took the dog out for his nightly walk and…I stopped. I stopped and looked at the sky and actually paid attention to the colors of the setting sun. I saw a mated cardinal and appreciated their commitment to each other as they sat in the tree. I took in a breath of fresh air and made a conscience effort to realize the feeling it gave me as the cool air filled my lungs. I noticed the days getting longer…the grass getting greener. I stopped.

When I returned to the house I remembered the thought I posted for the day…Life is a series of thousands of miracles…notice them. It really resonated with me. Too often we look at what we want different instead of counting the blessing in what we already have.

Noticing these miracles didn’t change the impeachment trials, they didn’t influence the stock market and it hasn’t changed the pandemic…but it did change my perspective and, that was the point. By looking at the miracles in everyday life, it demonstrates how the other things are relatively insignificant in the big picture.

So today, I wanted to challenge each reader to simply stop. Stop and notice the little things. Find your miracles…count your blessings…change what you can control and simplify your life. Be bold in how your act towards others and yourself. Continue to grow. Love hard. Live free. Notice for yourself how blessed you are.

What tiny miracles are you missing out on?

~ Joe Jr.

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Footprints of Our Paths

I went for a walk with our dog one snowy morning and as I was walking with her she stopped. I turned around to see what was holding her up and I saw our footprints in the snow. Yes, I have seen many of footprints left behind in the snow before, but this morning as I stared at my footprints I couldn’t help but wonder what prints my life is leaving behind as I go forward.

As we walked I was noticing the type of ground we were walking on and what our footprints looked like behind us. I had a realization that it does not only matter if we leave footprints behind us as we travel this life, but also what matters is the path we walk on.

See on the dry paved ground where we walked when I looked back there were no footprints. While I looked at the ground all I could think was if we walk on an easy path of life and just glide through, not truly living it, we are letting life go by and there will be no footprints to be seen. There is no impact that will be made.

We continued our walk as the snow came down and stuck to the ground. The path we were walking on now was fresh shallow snow that let us leave markings of faint footprints. The thought that came to me is if we are walking down a path of life that is shallow and just for ourselves the footprints that will be there will fade quickly because there was no depth to them. The steps we walked were just for ourselves and others will not be impacted by them.

Then we came across a section that seemed everybody in the neighborhood had walked that morning. Foot prints were all around and ours got lost among the many. By looking down you wouldn’t be able to tell if we were coming or going. Sometimes we can choose a path that gets so busy, hectic and complicated that we can lose our focus and even ourselves. We don’t remember whether we are coming, going or why we are even where we are at that moment in life. If we do not notice where we are and have a clear vision will our footprints be seen?

We were now coming to the end of our walk as we were on our way home. The snow was coming down harder and we had to walk in it to get home. We were walking in fresh clean untrodden snow. There were no other footprints just mine and my pup going in one direction. Our footprints were deep, clean, and with a clear definition of our path. As a mother I have watched my little ones walk behind both my husband and I and have placed their small feet in our footprints in the snow. As they follow our path they step in one footprint and then another letting them guide them in their direction. When this came to mind I can’t help but think I want my footsteps to be taken deliberately, carefully and deeply.

In this one life we all have different paths to walk and different footprints to leave behind us but we all leave traces of ourselves with those around us. Have you ever stopped to look at your footprints long enough to ponder what tracks you are leaving behind you as you walk down the path you are on?

~ Mandi

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Difficult Responsibilities

When dad moved to Maine he left everything behind at the house, except the essentials. He told me to go through it as I had time, see what was memorable, and donate or toss the rest. We had plans of my siblings coming up some day, and going through the attic where all the memories of mom and dad’s lives were. There was a dream of a family “reunion”, because we all often said we didn’t want the next time we were all together to be at another funeral.

Unfortunately, that day never came.
Since I now have to move, putting off going through things until my siblings are here is no longer an option. The task is left to me, the over emotional one. So as you can imagine it hasn’t gone so well!

As I look at the mounds of stuff in the attic I find myself saying “Nope can’t do it” as tears stream down my face, and I move along to another task.

Time is ticking…..seriously I am on the clock to get through this stuff and pack up my life again in a matter of weeks!

As I lay here in bed I can’t stop thinking of all the times I have moved in my life. This will make time #10! I should be a professional by now! Really I should, but the truth is I hate everything about moving. It totally stresses me out. Are the dishes packed so they don’t break? Are the kids things separated so I am not looking for that one special thing they want?!

I am a last minute packer because I get so overwhelmed.
This time however is the hardest. I had to go through some papers (boxes upon boxes) and it took me a couple of weeks to do that, and that was important. Now it is the emotional part, sorting through decades of memories. Mine, my parents, my siblings, OUR family. I can’t help thinking “What if this means something to one of my siblings? What if I throw this away because I think it has no “value” but later on one of my siblings says “hey did you see…” I don’t like this responsibility, but I have to pull up my big girl pants and just do it… RIGHT?

Right, unfortunately 😭 so that is what I will do. I will find my big girl pants, put them on, and do what my family is trusting their emotional sister to do. My camera will become my best friend, and my siblings worst nightmare.

Another chapter will close, but a new chapter will begin in this crazy emotional task at hand. I have faith that my parents will guide me through the sorting phase, and continue to guide me after I walk out of our family home for the last time. With tears streaming down my face I know they are watching, guiding, and supporting all of us from the other side.

So here is to the good memories that we will always cherish in our hearts.

Check back next week to see what interesting things/ memories I may uncover!

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Send the Flowers

Last month, I went through my camera roll and printed out a few recent-ish pictures so I could update the ones that donned my walls. The old ones, that always made me feel like I would be profiled wrong, really needed to be replaced. After several weeks of deciding, I successfully updated some pictures so the profilers can now get it right – well, at least for a few months. I was proud of myself for a moment in time, though I am confident in saying I will likely be back in this same place a year from now… I follow in dad’s footsteps in the procrastination department. I have a difficult time getting things accomplished if there is no deadline assigned to the task.

Part of wresting with grief is also wrestling with the “should have’s…” I have had my fair share of “I should have” moments when I think about dad. I liked to send him fun surprises in the mail – I should have sent him more. I liked helping him with the blog – I should have helped him more. I always enjoyed talking with him – I should have called him more. I didn’t do these things as often as I should have for the same reason I didn’t print pictures in a timely fashion.

It simply was not a priority.

I don’t feel guilty {okay, at first, I did} but I do feel sad I didn’t do more of the things I thought about doing. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything to change that with my dad, but I can do something to change that general behavior in myself.

I feel like I am a busy person, though I know I am no busier than anyone else. I just choose to use my time differently – not always wisely. So here is what I propose as we get this week started in a brand-new month. Let’s get better at taking action when things are placed on our hearts. Let’s plan to buy the coffee. Mail the card. Send the text. Meet for lunch. Take the walk. Sit on the couch. Talk a little longer. Bring the donuts. Make the phone call. You get the point… These seemingly little things help convey a message we tend to take for granted – the message that tells someone how important they are to you.

“Stay focused on other people. Prioritize others’ interests as much as your own. Bring the good in others to completion, and do not bring the bad in others to completion. Take delight in the delights of others, as they make a difference in the world.”

Dacher Keltner

I know my dad knew I loved him whether I sent an extra card and some peanut butter cups in the mail or not. I am not sure if it would have made a difference the day he took his last breath, but if I had done all the things I thought about doing, it may have made a difference on any other ordinary day in his life. If we take the time to go the extra mile with a simple act of kindness to show someone they are known and loved, it might make a difference – in their life, in your life, and in the world. I could be completely wrong on this, but I am choosing to believe that as we shift our priorities a bit, the world will become a little brighter {and maybe even a little lighter too}.

It takes intentional effort to love and encourage others – but it is always worth it to advance the greater good. What will you do this week to make a difference in someone’s life? Don’t procrastinate. As you know, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Send the flowers today…

~ D 😊

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God’s Design

I am studying an overview of the Old Testament. I’ve studied it before, but I felt the need to touch base with it again. I don’t spend a ton of time in the Old Testament. I read it yearly but find myself turning to the New Testament more in my daily studies. But I do know that when we commit to discovering history and learning more of the Old Testament content, the New Testament becomes even more amazing. And goodness, when the New Testament is amazing to you – watch out!

This is God’s design…

Let me give you one, quick example (because…5 minutes).

A long time ago, I was down and out. Long story short *darn time clock ticking* I was struggling to pay my rent, buy groceries, keep the lights on, put gas in the car, and oh – pay for said car. My boss at the time very unexpectedly called me into her office and shared how she and her husband felt led to help me and she handed me an envelope of money. I will never forget that day – her voice cracking and both our hands shaking. It was a humbling experience for both of us and a great example of God’s design.

No, his design is not for other people to pay my way through life – but he did design for us to be generous with the resources he has blessed us with. My friend knew this because the words and stories in the bible are more than just words and stories in the bible.

When I went home that evening, I of course thanked God for what he blessed me with. And yes, that was a true blessing, in my eyes. We often say we are blessed because we have the things that make us feel safe and secure and successful – and I think we miss the point of blessings…but I digress. That evening was the evening I told God I wanted to be like my friend. I knew that I couldn’t hand out envelopes of cash, but that someday, I would. And I have.

You guys, my kids were always fed. I always had money to pay my bills on top of sports fees and doctor visits and unexpected expenses. I wish I could tell you I was a super saver and financial whiz, but honestly, I can only explain it by God. Miracles. I didn’t make enough money to make ends meet at one time in my life, but my ends always met because he prompted people to do things to help me get back on my feet.

A bag of groceries on my porch. Extra encouragement at the right time. A cup of coffee on a busy morning. A late fee waived. No charge to fix a flat tire. Christmas gifts for my kids. An envelope of cash to ease the stress of trying to rob Peter to pay Paul. These were unexpected blessings in my life at a time when I needed them most. How could I not start doing the same for others? So I did – and I do.

That is God’s design…

I’ve paid for meals and groceries and coffees and bills – and I have done it with joy knowing how it feels when someone does the same for you.

Recently, a friend shared a personal story about generosity. She felt led to help a friend who needed $300. She prayed about it with her husband and ended up giving her friend $500. In a matter of a couple days, she had received $450 back from various unexpected sources. She said something I have printed in my journal and in my wallet.

“It isn’t yours to begin with so be generous when you can. It allows for the miraculous to take place when you least expect it.”

That’s God’s design


So many of you have been extravagantly generous in giving to our dad’s memorial fund. We appreciate your generosity more than mere words can express. We trust in the words and the stories of the bible – in a God who is way bigger than the expenses and heartache and troubles and questions we face. The miracle is right before us…oh sweet friends, that is indeed God’s design.  

How have you been on the giving or receiving end of generosity?

D 🙂

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It’s Thursday….and that means its Joe-time…my turn to add to the blog. I’ve been thinking for days of what I was going to write and, in a matter of transparency, I struggled this week to find a topic suitable for the blog.

So, I am going to use that struggle as my post this week. I figure when life challenges us, why not challenge it back? So…here we go.

I had a conversation earlier today with a friend about struggles of everyday life. We talked about how covid has changed the way we interact, how our views have been manipulated by movies, media and politics. We shared with each other that there was a great gap in what we thought life would look like verses what it actually looks like. We talked about rising costs and lowered expectations. We reflected on life and broken dreams. We struggled…

Sometimes the struggle is very apparent…other times it’s hidden under the veil of a smile. Tasks change from things we have to do instead of things we want to do. And, even under that veiled smile we present to the world…wonder, worry and stress rears its ugly head.

In that same conversation we used two words interchangeably…simple and easy. It wasn’t until after that call I realized they are two very different things. You see, my life is pretty simple…but it’s far from easy. Others may have lives that seem easy, but they are far from simple. Those with bigger struggles may not have easy or simple in their lives at all.

My life hasn’t always been simple. In fact, I have a natural talent for making it complicated. It took me most of my adult life to recognize the consequences that complicated my life are directly the result of a prior choice. Trust me when I tell you that’s a jagged pill to swallow.

Happiness and fun were two other words that were thrown around in the conversation. Again, they were used interchangeably, but in hindsight probably shouldn’t have been. Paying bills isn’t fun…but, I do find happiness knowing I have a roof over my head. Doing a chore may not be fun, but knowing it lightened the load of someone I care for does bring happiness to me.

After the conversation was over I had some time to digest all that was said and I realize we will always struggle with something…but, those struggles prepare us for new chapters in our lives. It gives us tools to use to make better choices. It gives way to easier roads. It gives us wisdom that we can share as a gift to others. It leads us to fun experiences and opens our hearts to happier times.

Everyone strugglesit’s what we do with that struggle that makes us who we are. We can tell ourselves we are powerless and give in to that victim mindset or we can harness the lessons to challenge ourselves to make better decisions, find simplicity, be happier, have fun, and carve out an easier path to travel on.

So, I would love to hear from you on when life challenges you…how are you going to challenge life back?

~ Joe Jr…

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Let-it Go….

Just about every morning on my return trip back to the trucking terminal, I would stop at a coffee shop to enjoy my usual Medium Black Coffee with a Cinnamon Raison Bagel with Cream Cheese.

During my frequent trips, I built relationships with those that worked there. One of those individuals was a very misunderstood lady that also had very strong opinions. She didn’t seem to “get along” with the others very well, at least from the side of the counter I was on.

There wasn’t any… we’ll call it animosity or anything, but you could certainly tell that no one was sending out invites to hang out after work or exchange Christmas cards.

After quite a few visits (I do love me some coffee), this lady and I started chatting and eventually, I really started to appreciate why she felt the way she did about different issues.

There was quite deep pain and hurt from past relationships with siblings, husbands, children…. many of which the wounds never healed.

One day, she looked particularly down trodden and I asked her if everything was ok. She opened up about how very difficult the relationship with one of her siblings had become and she was so lost on what to do. You could clearly seen how deeply it was affecting her, though she tried her best to conceal the pain and frustration.

Then, she just disappeared. After several weeks, I assumed she either quit, was let go or on vacation or something. I thought often about our last conversation. I kinda hoped that I left her with some encouraging words at least. There was a lot of kindness behind the gruff; compassion and understanding behind the outward showing of wanting to be left alone. But the last thing I said to her and her reaction is what stuck in my mind the most….

Turns out, my new friend went on a trip overseas. She spent some time self reflecting, seeking out to heal damaged relationships and by the time she came back she had such a different perspective on life that she even looked like a whole new person!

I remember how excited we were to see each other again. As soon as I came strolling around the corner to grab my coffee and bagel she welcomed me with a HUGE hug and said, “I HVE BEEN HOPING TO SEE YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

I was like, “…it was just an order for a coffee and bagel, but you’re welcome.”

Then she explained. “What you said to me kept me awake for days.

“…in order to have much gain, you must first suffer much loss.”

I was really struck by it and decided I had had enough and that it was time to let go!”

“The one thing that really struck me hardest, though,” she added, “was just how much loss there would need to be in order to move forward. I had to let go of a lot.”

Turned out, she discovered she was asking all the wrong questions. Why me? Why this? Why now? What do I have to do? Why can’t I get ahead? Why are “bad things” always happening to me? Even, What do I HAVE to lose?

Any of those sound familiar? Can you relate? I can…

…and when I find myself asking them, it’s usually when I’m playing tug a war between what I have and what I want.

That’s when I realize I need to humble myself and as the real question, what am I WILLING to lose?

It works both ways, too. It’s not only the negative things we hold on to that hold us back from receiving more in our life.

Like playing fetch with my beagle.

She LOVES playing fetch! The problem was, she played “I got it and I’m not giving it back”!

Wanting to teach her how to actually fetch the ball and bring it back, I learned a trick from a dog trainer to bring 2 balls. Throw one and show the other up to have the dog bring the first one back, then let it go before throwing the second. In order for her to get the other ball thrown, she has to be willing to let go of the one she has at my feet.

Success didn’t happen right away. But after practice and repetition, my beagle (and I) learned that in order to continue, I have to be willing to lose what I have to gain what I want.

What was really cool, is when the dog realized she never really lost the first ball at all. She now had 2 to play with!

Have an awesome day! Take time for play time… 🤓

talk to you next time,


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