A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Unfortunately, I did not find any secret stash of money in the attic. I did however, strike gold in the memory department! From childhood innocence, shock factors, questionable fashion, to teenage fun. So tonight I am going to take you down a piece of my memory lane.

Childhood Innocence:

This is Svend. He was my first crush, and Joe’s Best Friend. I sent this picture to the Sibling Group Chat and I said “I was going to marry him. He moved away and forgot about me though.” I was like 7, he had an accent, and was totally cute! Could you blame me?! I swear to you every picture that Svend was in, Nicolle was in! I can remember Svend, Joe, and Dad teaching me to swim that summer. If they were in the pool, I was in the pool. Joe had other friends, but they weren’t as nice or cool as Svend. At 7 my brother and his friends were so nice and cool. I am sure I was probably the annoying little sister, but I don’t remember Joe EVER making me feel like it. So thank you Joe for always being the cool brother 😉

Element of Shock:

The Element of Shock and my brother’s went hand and hand. When I saw this picture I had to laugh. I am not sure I have ever seen my dad look so mad in a picture! I am willing to bet that Joe and his friends did or said something that did not make dad happy, and completely shocked Deanna. I can almost picture Dee saying “OMG I can not believe you guys did that!” and I can almost picture mom behind the camera laughing at whatever idiotic thing they did! Joe was mom’s baby, I’m not sure he ever got in trouble with her!

Questionable Fashion:

This picture of my good friend Kristi and I was taken in 1993 for Scott’s graduation. There is nothing more to say other than LAUGH, that is what Kristi and I did! What in the world were we wearing?! Rompers? I forgot those were a thing back in the day. We are not even going to discuss my hair. Why oh why? Let’s move along………

Teenage Fun:

Wow 11th grade Homecoming with one of my Best Friends, Amanda. What a fun night! The memories with this girl stretch over a 26 year span. We have had our ups and we have had our downs, but she has always had my back. This picture reminds me of the good ole’ days of no worries, laughter, the stupidity of being a teenager, but the importance of friendships!

I had hoped to find something rare in the attic, but I am glad to have found these memories and so many more (I could post pictures and tell stories for days!) These were the memories that I needed to flood my head with.

While life may not always be sunshine and rainbows, we have our memories to help remind us of times much simpler than these. A time where we didn’t stress, or worry over any and everything. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What does your picture say?

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