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Wearing Our Own Shoes

Good morning and thank you for your continued support of Wisdom 2.5. After posting “Just a Guy,” I received a great deal of feedback that the community likes the idea of the siblings continuing with the blog our father started … Continue reading

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Just a Guy…

Last week my sister Deanna posted a blog entitled the Dream Team where she took a step back and formally introduced each of the children. It was a brief introduction to all the siblings to give everyone a look at … Continue reading

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The Dream Team

Dad had dreams and goals for this space, and for his work in general. We are simply following his lead and taking the reins as he has taught us to do. He always said, “Hard things are hard because they are not easy.” It sure is easy to roll your eyes at that kind of dad phrase, but the truth is, when we do the hard things, dreams come true. Continue reading

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Dare to Dream

I do not have a vivid imagination. I think that is part of the reason it has taken me two years to write a novel…and the writing continues! I am just not good at letting my imagination roam. I prefer … Continue reading

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Every Family Tells a Story

Every Monday, dad would whip up a special “Words of the Week” post to get our week started. I am not as good at finding special quotes or funny comics so I will have to rely on my siblings for … Continue reading

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Wisdom 2.5

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I dropped my coffee mug on the floor as I was trying to leave for work. I have heard my dad say before, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” but … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday — Protect

Okay, I am resigning to the fact my Fridays are on Saturday. Although I had the time to post in Five Minute Friday yesterday, I just didn’t. I was distracted at every turn. So, here’s to Five Minute Saturday — … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday — Pass

I played hooky yesterday and headed to the Jersey shore for some re-centering. So, naturally, my Five Minute Friday assignment — which I usually post on Saturday {you have to know me to understand} — has been pushed to Sunday. … Continue reading

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My Crazy Kids

When I finally got to move to Maine, albeit on a temporary basis, my children were, well, less than enthusiastic. Somehow they did not think I could take care of myself — especially my daughters. To ease their minds, I … Continue reading

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In the Blink of an Eye — It’s All About Faith 2

Be still, and know that I am God! … Psalm 46:10a And Mom was a great prayer warrior. As you read through her journals, you learn just how deep those roots of faith went. She prayed for each one of … Continue reading

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