Five Minute Friday — Pass

I played hooky yesterday and headed to the Jersey shore for some re-centering. So, naturally, my Five Minute Friday assignment — which I usually post on Saturday {you have to know me to understand} — has been pushed to Sunday. I may have played hooky, but I still had an assignment that was due … an an eager group of writers awaiting me at Kate’s place ( to join in the fun.

Seriously, stop by and see what amazing words flow from their collective minds. And don’t be afraid to join in the writing fun!!!

This week’s prompt is PASS. I’ve set the time for five minutes, so let’s GO

I’m going to get into trouble for this one, especially with my children. So, first a caveat …

I am not depressed. I am not sad, I don’t have a black cloud following me around. In fact, I’m doing okay!

I have a routine I follow. I get up and chat with my kids {see}, do some study {I’m laboring through Amos trying to find something encouraging}, check my e-mails, Facebook and WordPress. Visit the webcams at {Seaside Heights, NJ, for my ocean fix} and {which gives me a snapshot of life in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, with my apartment complex in the background}.

Then I get to work. Daily, I send friends and family just a thought and a whimsical and/or inspirational photo. Mondays, I send words for the week. Wednesdays I forward some midweek mirth. Friday {okay, usually Saturday} I write my Five Minute Friday post with others smattered along the week.

Someday that will all change. My daily ritual will …STOP

pass it on…be no more. The chats will end. The thoughts will be a memory. The words for the week will cease. There will be no more smiles on Wednesday (okay, so maybe few people smile at the mirth anyway}. There will be no more posts.

You see, I will pass on from this earthly venture to the next, more exciting everlasting adventure. It may be today. It may be tomorrow. It may be next week … or month … or year … or many, many more years away.

The point is, I am just passing through — as are you. Things change. People come and, unfortunately, go.  The only absolute truth is we just have one moment, one heartbeat at a time. And it’s up to us to make sure we live those heartbeats to the fullest.

When I pass, I hope my legacy will be the words and actions of inspiration, the sometimes witty posts and jokes. I’m hoping that’s what the Lord focuses on at judgment day, not the indiscretions and omissions of my imperfect life. I hope to find Him laughing at one of my jokes as He reaches out His hand in welcome.

And I’m hoping my family keeps the legacy going. I do have a host of “just a thoughts”,  “temporary files” with hundreds of photos and “midweek mirth” jokes to keep them smiling for years. I’m hoping they will continue to inspire and laugh after I pass.

This, too, shall pass. In the meantime,  keep the light shining and pass it on.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A babysitter is a teenager acting like an adult while the adults are out acting like teenagers.


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2 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Pass

  1. oneta hayes says:

    Studying Amos, huh? One of my favorite prophets. He was pretty gutsy with his label for women folks. I’ll not spoil the surprise. He isn’t at all happy about the division of the classes either. Oh, my. I’d like to teach Amos again. Enjoy.


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