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Lead with Love

I don’t remember mom and dad talking to us about a lot of serious things. Maybe they talked to my siblings – but I just don’t remember them talking to me about things like racism, worldview, the Bible, or even … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Lesson

Hey, it’s Cole! I am new to this whole “blog” thing. My writing is usually just for my eyes because it is very emotional to what is going on in my life at the moment. As my sister pointed out, … Continue reading

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Every Family Tells a Story

Every Monday, dad would whip up a special “Words of the Week” post to get our week started. I am not as good at finding special quotes or funny comics so I will have to rely on my siblings for … Continue reading

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A Christmas Prayer — 2015

As a Christmas gift to myself, I again vowed to take Christmas off. No writing. No work. But I did want to share a Christmas message. What to do? Well, I “borrowed” some words my wife wrote, which have become … Continue reading

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Surprised by Motherhood

Everybody has a story to tell. And my blogging friend Lisa Jo Baker has told her story. Surprised by Motherhood ( was released Tuesday (April 1) and from initial reports, it has been receiving good reviews and raves. Lisa Jo … Continue reading

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I’m not qualified to expand on this installment of 50 things that really matter, so let’s just call this a re-post. 50 things that really matter, of course, is the little book we received as a gift from JoAnn by … Continue reading

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