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Lead with Love

I don’t remember mom and dad talking to us about a lot of serious things. Maybe they talked to my siblings – but I just don’t remember them talking to me about things like racism, worldview, the Bible, or even … Continue reading

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Starting over is hard to do

A few days ago, I shared my morning thoughts about life’s challenges. It said: “Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But, we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.” I used that morning thought to reflect a … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday….and that means its Joe-time…my turn to add to the blog. I’ve been thinking for days of what I was going to write and, in a matter of transparency, I struggled this week to find a topic suitable for … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about my middle school basketball experience. I sucked. Seriously. I was the girl who sat on the bench and watched all the good kids play their hearts out. I cheered them on. I handed them their … Continue reading

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A Treasure of Truth

I am absolutely, positively horrible at remembering things. Anything. I have to write down birthdays and anniversaries. I have to keep a book of passwords. I have post-its and a very full calendar to help me remember my daily tasks. … Continue reading

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Eat the Oreos and Lean in…

If you ever had a problem you went to dad with, you know he did not sugarcoat his advice. If he thought you needed to get your crap together, he told you without mincing words. I think that is one … Continue reading

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I often hear this time of year, “Man, I can’t believe it’s Christmas already!” and “Where does the time go?” Have you ever thought these thoughts? I have. Mostly because all the things I felt I wanted to accomplish over … Continue reading

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The Blessing

I have heard a million times that “Life is not perfect” and this is accurate. We face very real problems every day. We all have our “why me” moments – the kids cry, the laundry piles up, the dog is … Continue reading

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Wisdom 2.5

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I dropped my coffee mug on the floor as I was trying to leave for work. I have heard my dad say before, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” but … Continue reading

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Wisdom From The Father

There is a school of thought that says the devil doesn’t like it when you work for the Lord. He tries his best to sidetrack you … to change the message … to divert your attention. Well, he went into … Continue reading

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