It’s Thursday….and that means its Joe-time…my turn to add to the blog. I’ve been thinking for days of what I was going to write and, in a matter of transparency, I struggled this week to find a topic suitable for the blog.

So, I am going to use that struggle as my post this week. I figure when life challenges us, why not challenge it back? So…here we go.

I had a conversation earlier today with a friend about struggles of everyday life. We talked about how covid has changed the way we interact, how our views have been manipulated by movies, media and politics. We shared with each other that there was a great gap in what we thought life would look like verses what it actually looks like. We talked about rising costs and lowered expectations. We reflected on life and broken dreams. We struggled…

Sometimes the struggle is very apparent…other times it’s hidden under the veil of a smile. Tasks change from things we have to do instead of things we want to do. And, even under that veiled smile we present to the world…wonder, worry and stress rears its ugly head.

In that same conversation we used two words interchangeably…simple and easy. It wasn’t until after that call I realized they are two very different things. You see, my life is pretty simple…but it’s far from easy. Others may have lives that seem easy, but they are far from simple. Those with bigger struggles may not have easy or simple in their lives at all.

My life hasn’t always been simple. In fact, I have a natural talent for making it complicated. It took me most of my adult life to recognize the consequences that complicated my life are directly the result of a prior choice. Trust me when I tell you that’s a jagged pill to swallow.

Happiness and fun were two other words that were thrown around in the conversation. Again, they were used interchangeably, but in hindsight probably shouldn’t have been. Paying bills isn’t fun…but, I do find happiness knowing I have a roof over my head. Doing a chore may not be fun, but knowing it lightened the load of someone I care for does bring happiness to me.

After the conversation was over I had some time to digest all that was said and I realize we will always struggle with something…but, those struggles prepare us for new chapters in our lives. It gives us tools to use to make better choices. It gives way to easier roads. It gives us wisdom that we can share as a gift to others. It leads us to fun experiences and opens our hearts to happier times.

Everyone strugglesit’s what we do with that struggle that makes us who we are. We can tell ourselves we are powerless and give in to that victim mindset or we can harness the lessons to challenge ourselves to make better decisions, find simplicity, be happier, have fun, and carve out an easier path to travel on.

So, I would love to hear from you on when life challenges you…how are you going to challenge life back?

~ Joe Jr…

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1 Response to Struggles…

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I rather took a liking, early on, to the following quote – whether Fate or my ‘in hindsight…maybe…not the best choice…’ decisions: – –
    “Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You can not withstand the storm.’
    The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’
    I like it, because, well, for me, I swing between All In or All Out often, (though I can play poker with some constraint!) When I struggle mightily, and try, try, try, I finally figure out, either I give up or I fight back/go all in, and for myself, giving up just never seemed like a viable, workable for me/for those who depend upon me, option, though I DO take some mini-vacays here and there from ‘giving a gosh-gol-durned about any of this – it can wait for a day and if not? Just points to poor planning by them, me or both of us – – ‘ – – LOL


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