My Crazy Kids

When I finally got to move to Maine, albeit on a temporary basis, my children were, well, less than enthusiastic. Somehow they did not think I could take care of myself — especially my daughters.

To ease their minds, I told them — along with their brothers — I would send a photo each day and simply say “Good morning.”

The exercise has taken a life of its own.

IMG_20160129_081339505Each morning, I send them a “Good morning” and photo … and the conversations begin. Just about every day, all five of them get involved. We planned the Thanksgiving trip to Ohio through Messenger, following travel progress to and fro. We’ve shared photos and “happenings”. I’ve confused them about my whereabouts with pictures from NY, NJ, ME and elsewhere randomly.

But the fun part is the conversations. Take this morning for example. It went like this …

Me: Good morning troops. Love the video (sent my by daughter-in-law with the Massachusetts kids saying they loved me after posting a video of them saying they love their dad by “mistake” to the group)

Dee: Good morning everyone.

Six minutes later.

Me: It’s Sunday. We must be the early birds. How were your worms?

Dee: I stepped on them .. haha. I’ve never understood that saying. Why would anyone want a worm?

Me: Because the worms come out at night and the early birds catch them. The late birds have to find them and work harder.

Dee: Oh … I get it. All these years … I have a fear of birds so I never would known such a thing. I don’t like to look at them let alone study their habits.

Joe: Morning.

Nicolle: You didn’t know Dee was afraid of birds?

Dee: It all started that time daddy took us to the place I don’t remember and the geese attacked …

Scott: … If you don’t remember, did it really happen?

Nicolle: I don’t remember that.

Dee: Haha … it happened!

Scott: … that must be why I am afraid of being eaten by gargoyle aliens from the planet Crouton when daddy took me to that place one time.

Dee: Hahaha … but really, it happened!! Dad, I need some help here …

Nicolle: He’s at church, no saving you for at least 20 more minutes.

Scott: He is currently being chased by rabid bunnies that are rebelling from too many Easter Day deliveries.

Nicolle: I’m afraid of spiders, must be because of my sister. Bwahahaha, someone is full of it today {referring to Scott’s contribution}.

Dee: You guys …

Nicolle: You started it

Dee: Joe was there … he knows. He better speak up here today!!

Scott: I supposed that’s why you freak out playing Duck, Duck, Goose too? 🙂

Nicolle: He pleads the 5th.

Joe: I vaguely remember … Wasn’t traumatic for me … Lol

Scott: Well, hopefully she doesn’t remember the time on the farm with the cows … surprised she’s not a vegetarian. Oh the torture they inflicted on her!

Scott: AND THE SQUIRRELS! I can’t believe I almost forgot about the squirrels

Dee: I do hate squirrels …

Me: I remember the geese attack … One of our trips in Illinois. But a goose isn’t a real bird like a swallow or raven. It’s amazing how we (you) went from worms to birds to spiders to squirrels. I guess we have our crazy on this morning.

Scott: We’re a pretty imaginative group.

Nicolle: Well some of us are anyway.

Well. That was just THIS morning. You should of listened in to some of the conversations we’ve had over the past months. On second thought, maybe it’s better don’t

I love these guys!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.



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3 Responses to My Crazy Kids

  1. This is hilarious! I have two daughters, one in California who is mom to four of my grandchildren and one stationed in Norfolf in the Navy, who is single and has Lola her rescue pup…we group text, but sometimes due to work constraints, I chime in late and their back and forth is entertaining, but not sure it has every involved birds, spiders, and squirrels… although my eldest had an incident with a goose that she, too never forgets!


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