Once Upon a Time…

My granddaughter loves to tell stories. We have to make up stories for each other on a regular basis. Her stories involve a funny grandpa or a mischievous sister. My stories are typically centered around a beautiful girl with red hair and a spunky ‘tude. We both begin our stories with “Once upon a time…” and we anxiously wait for the story to unfold. It is completely made up in a very real way – and it makes my sweet girl giggle. This grandma loves to hear her grandkids giggle and I am especially delighted when the giggle comes from something I did or said. Let me remind you, silly is hard for me…

Usually, after the grandkids have left and the house is once again filled with quiet, my brain goes back to “once upon a time.” This time around, the story is real. I love to reminisce about days gone by. Usually, it brings a smile to my face as I relate something the grandkids did or said to something similar in one of the boys lives. If I am honest, though, sometimes I get a little sad when I start the trip down memory lane. Two of my kids are all grown up and married and one is getting ready to head into the teenage years. It won’t be long before “once upon a time” is all I have left – and I struggle with that a bit.

When we are in the thick of raising our kids, we don’t stop to think about the day we will sit on our couch, alone, thinking about “once upon a time.” And yet – here I am. Truth is, I never wanted to picture my boys going away to college or getting married or having a home of their own. I wanted to hold on to the moments that made them little boys who hugged their mama and occasionally took out the garbage or emptied the dishwasher.

“Once upon a time” is about time gone, and today I think about that time with great appreciation. I did what I could to invest into my kids lives. When I look back at that, I see the holes and mistakes – all the places I could have done more. Instead of worrying about that, I am choosing to trust God to do what he does best in filling in the gaps where I fell short as a parent. I know that I have had a great influence on their lives. Life wasn’t always easy. Decisions weren’t always popular. But I hope that one day, when my boys are telling silly stories with their grandkids, they will look back at “once upon a time” and remember I loved them fiercely and prayed for them deeply.

What does your “once upon a time” look like? I hope you look back on the memories and see how you shaped a piece of the world through your kids – because you did. And now, “once upon a time” is about watching the story unfold.

~ D 😊

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5 Responses to Once Upon a Time…

  1. CZARRO@tampabay.rr.com says:

    Good Morning Deanna, That was beautiful and you are blessed to have all those memories. When you can, please send me you telephone #. Mine is (727) 849-4323. Love, Aunt Carmella


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  2. TamrahJo says:

    “Once Upon a Time” – I didn’t feel like I had time to sit and reflect long – I was busy paying the bills, being a parent, being what so many others ‘needed’ me to be in order for taking care best how I knew how, the things and people I loved. Taking care of the things I signed up to say, “yup, I will take care of this – my responsibility!” and then one day? My son died and all I could remember was all the times I wasn’t the best I could’ve been – – I remembered every time I was wrong – I remembered everytime I learned something new and vowed to be better – – – I didn’t remember all the times I said “Sorry son – I messed up – my fault for being busy and stressed and I should have listened to you better” – Nope – what did I remember? all those golden “Once Upon a Times” when my parents did the perfect thing, at the perfect moment and forgot all the times they didn’t for what I yearned for/needed just then – and well? Only once the daily hustle and bustle of many, many ‘right in front of me’ things to do lessened, did I start remembering ALL the once upon a times – the good the bad, the ugly – I regained my humor, I regained myself – simply because, I learned to think about my life moments with the magic that happens when one tells oneself a story – that begins with ‘once upon a time” – – that said? Still grateful I had all boys – – I didn’t have to work to hard to make them laugh for a period of time – – all I had to do was tell a story about peeing dogs or farting frogs and they would laugh to tears and difficulty breathing while gasping out, “MOM! you said FARTING!!!” (giggle, giggle, giggle). Sigh – 7-11 year old boys I can entertain and I’m always grateful I was blessed with boys – I figure God said, “um…lets’ giver her a few wins, here and there, she’s gonna need them……” when she is grieving and wondering what on earth she did with ‘once upon a time’ – 😀

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  3. netablogs says:

    Great post! Once upon a time…. we had four children at home… and now they have all flown the coop, found the loves of their lives, and are on their way making their own ‘once upon a time’ story. I look back at mine with fondness, joy, sadness, laughter, regret, and hope for what’s to come! coming to you from FMF#51

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  4. Lovely Post Deanna, Your post resonated with me, as I can relate to many of your once’s. I take trips down memory lane a lot. I enjoyed the good ole’ days. Blessings.
    Visiting from FMF#9

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  5. Sandra K Stein says:

    Beautiful post, and lovely picture of your red-headed granddaughter.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from #5

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