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Life’s What You Make It

Writing is my tool to say what I can’t or won’t say out loud. As a young kid writing has been my outlet. Most of my writing is kept to myself, but it relieves that anger, hurt, and frustration. Occassionally … Continue reading

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100 Wine Glasses

Life is full of clutter and junk we do not need, yet we hold onto it. Stress, anger, frustration, hurt, and pain. Why do we hold these things close? I am guilty of holding on to the junk and clutter … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Unfortunately, I did not find any secret stash of money in the attic. I did however, strike gold in the memory department! From childhood innocence, shock factors, questionable fashion, to teenage fun. So tonight I am going to take you … Continue reading

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Difficult Responsibilities

When dad moved to Maine he left everything behind at the house, except the essentials. He told me to go through it as I had time, see what was memorable, and donate or toss the rest. We had plans of … Continue reading

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The Journey to Rediscovery

Let’s talk Grief and Journeys. Journeys can be fun, challenging, complicated, easy, exciting, and heart wrenching. Grief? Well, I can’t really say what that can look like. I have never allowed myself to actually grieve-at least not the way most … Continue reading

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Finding Balance

I think I will follow in my brother’s footsteps and tell you a little more about me! With that being said….let me formally introduce myself. I am Nicolle or Cole. I am the 4th born of 5 and the ONLY … Continue reading

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Remember the Important Things

Another year will soon be gone. I’m not really sure where the time goes, but the older I get the faster it disappears. With that being said I am not going to lie – this year has sucked. Covid, working … Continue reading

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