Send the Flowers

Last month, I went through my camera roll and printed out a few recent-ish pictures so I could update the ones that donned my walls. The old ones, that always made me feel like I would be profiled wrong, really needed to be replaced. After several weeks of deciding, I successfully updated some pictures so the profilers can now get it right – well, at least for a few months. I was proud of myself for a moment in time, though I am confident in saying I will likely be back in this same place a year from now… I follow in dad’s footsteps in the procrastination department. I have a difficult time getting things accomplished if there is no deadline assigned to the task.

Part of wresting with grief is also wrestling with the “should have’s…” I have had my fair share of “I should have” moments when I think about dad. I liked to send him fun surprises in the mail – I should have sent him more. I liked helping him with the blog – I should have helped him more. I always enjoyed talking with him – I should have called him more. I didn’t do these things as often as I should have for the same reason I didn’t print pictures in a timely fashion.

It simply was not a priority.

I don’t feel guilty {okay, at first, I did} but I do feel sad I didn’t do more of the things I thought about doing. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything to change that with my dad, but I can do something to change that general behavior in myself.

I feel like I am a busy person, though I know I am no busier than anyone else. I just choose to use my time differently – not always wisely. So here is what I propose as we get this week started in a brand-new month. Let’s get better at taking action when things are placed on our hearts. Let’s plan to buy the coffee. Mail the card. Send the text. Meet for lunch. Take the walk. Sit on the couch. Talk a little longer. Bring the donuts. Make the phone call. You get the point… These seemingly little things help convey a message we tend to take for granted – the message that tells someone how important they are to you.

“Stay focused on other people. Prioritize others’ interests as much as your own. Bring the good in others to completion, and do not bring the bad in others to completion. Take delight in the delights of others, as they make a difference in the world.”

Dacher Keltner

I know my dad knew I loved him whether I sent an extra card and some peanut butter cups in the mail or not. I am not sure if it would have made a difference the day he took his last breath, but if I had done all the things I thought about doing, it may have made a difference on any other ordinary day in his life. If we take the time to go the extra mile with a simple act of kindness to show someone they are known and loved, it might make a difference – in their life, in your life, and in the world. I could be completely wrong on this, but I am choosing to believe that as we shift our priorities a bit, the world will become a little brighter {and maybe even a little lighter too}.

It takes intentional effort to love and encourage others – but it is always worth it to advance the greater good. What will you do this week to make a difference in someone’s life? Don’t procrastinate. As you know, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Send the flowers today…

~ D 😊

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