Top Posts of 2016

After reading some of my Five Minute Friday friends’ posts this week, I realized I must have missed something in Kate Motaung’s memo. I reread the invitation. Sure enough, Kate didn’t ask for the top Five Minute Friday post of the year, but rather the more generic top posts of the year. Kate, herself, offered her Top 16 Posts this year from Heading Home (her blog, My other fellow sojourners added five or 10 or some other random number of posts.

So, I’d like to amend yesterday’s post,

True, the Five Minute Good Friday post Alive (March 25) was the top performer based on likes and comments. Five other Five Minute Friday contributions also made the list, narrowed down to 10.

That’s really no surprise. I haven’t been as prolific a poster this year … but I rarely — if ever — missed a Five Minute Friday assignment. Of course, my five minutes often stretch a tad longer, but I do have a five minute start and stop mark.

So, I decided to include a synopsis of the Top 10 you seemed to enjoy, along with a link should you be inclined to take a peek.

1. Alive, FMF, March 25 — It’s good to be alive. A Good Friday reflection.

2. Just Dreaming, Nov. 3 — My doctor is always preaching to me about my eating choices. My family — especially my daughter and daughter-in-law — keep giving me subtle hints about nutrition. Even my friends question my dietary choices. Of course I listen to them … as I down fried chicken or extra pepperoni on my pizza. I might have to do some re-thinking. It seems my subconscious has a healthy message for me as well.

3. Cheer, FMF, May 28 — Two cheers for me! My misadventures seeking Tumbledown Pond in Maine.

4. Present, FMF, Jan. 23 — While heaven is a present from God, we have to accept it. We have to unwrap the present.

5. Share, FMF, March 12 — The whole purpose all writers write is to share their thoughts. That’s especially true for bloggers. We have something rolling around in our mind and we NEED an outlet for those thoughts to escape through our fingers and onto the screen.

6. The Empty Tomb, March 27 — There are two “major” celebrations on the church calendar – Christmas and Easter. One we celebrate with joy and festivity. The other we generally celebrate quietly, with a little more reserve and certainly a lot more reverence and solemnity.

7. Easy, FMF, April 16 — This has been far from easy to write. In fact, this entire week has been hard to get through — electronically speaking.

8.  I Guess I’m in Deep Doo Doo, Sept. 12 — I’m going to be the first to say it.  Sometimes I don’t think. I don’t mean to go off course … but sometimes I do.

9. Prayers, Prayers and More Prayers, Sept. 16 — I don’t like prayer to be directed at me. I would rather be the prayer than the prayee. But there are times the power of prayer is needed for me, and this is one of those times.

10. Journey, FMF, Nov. 5 — Journey. What a special word. From start to end …. from birth to death … life is a journey.

Well that’s the top 10 you seemed to like from the 100 written thus far in 2016. As I said yesterday, May all have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy, Holy New Year!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Every year Christmas becomes less a birthday and more a clearance sale.


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