Five Minute Friday — Present

Are we ready for some Five Minute Friday words?

In case you’ve forgotten, Five Minute Friday is a flash mob of writers interpreting a singular word. We congregate at Kate’s place (

five minute friday :: present

) to share our work and I invited you to visit to see just what these incredible writers have contributed.

This week’s prompt was a bit tricky — PRESENT. The question in my mind was whether to pursue the word as a verb or noun. I chose the noun … and thoughts I previously shared.

So, the timer is set. Let’s GO

While heaven is a present from God, we have to accept it. We have to unwrap the present.

Certainly some of us just tear into that package. Chards of paper go flying as we rip open the wrapping to reveal the present. Others are more deliberate, carefully unwrapping the box. It takes seemingly forever to separate the paper from the present.

That leads us to our second responsibility. What are we going to do with that present? Are we going to place it on a shelf and look at it from a distance? Or are we going to use it, enjoy it, share it?

You see, I think when we meet God face to face, He’s not going to ask us how much money we gave or how often we went to church or how we supported missions. He’s going to ask us two simple questions.

First, He is going to ask us if we believe in His Son.

I think everyone who passes themselves off as a Christian will correctly answer that question. You see, Jesus Christ — His Son — is the present. For God so lovedSTOP

… the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). That’s the good news.

But I think there will be a second question. What did you do with that present?

It might be enough to get us into heaven just believing in Christ but if He is just a trophy sitting on a shelf to be seen only on Sundays and special occasions, do we really believe? Or are we fooling ourselves?

That’s why the second question is so important. We have to believe not only in Christ but in His power. And we have to use that power every day. And we have to share that power. And we have to allow Christ to shine through us in all we do and say.

Even Jesus did things … made choices … performed actions. He instructed the servants on what to do when He turned water into wine. He told the disciples to find the kid with the fish. He healed the sick. He raised people from the dead including. He took advantage of the circumstances at the time and used them for God’s good.

That’s what we’re called to do. Use the present. Make choices. Do something. Be observant. Keep the big picture in sight. Let the Light of the fire shine through. Take time to witness the little ordinary everyday miracles. Embrace the pure new snowfall. Watch spring spring. Enjoy the sunshine even on a cold, windy day. Hold a baby. Dance in the rain. Sing. Soak in life.

Each day, angels visit the footsteps of the faithful, leaving presents that quietly offer God’s grace, comfort and protection. All we have to do is recognize them and pick them up.

Some of us received the present at an early age. I, for example, accepted Christ as an early teen when I received the sacrament of Confirmation. It was then I reasoned, if I was talking the talk of following Jesus, I had to walk the walk as well. And even though I’ve strayed from the path from time to time, I’ve tried to make sure my way was synonymous with His way. Others come to Christ later in life, an epiphany, an “ah hah” moment. They tend to be passionate about their faith. I call them Paul Christians, turning their back on their past on their own road to Damascus and using the present to move forward.

Others, unfortunately, are still waiting. Some may be working on the wrapping. Others may be working on other presents — self, idols, control, anger, impurity, evil desires, greed.

It’s up to us seasoned and newbie Christians to let the power of Christ shine through for them, not by telling them but by showing them. You can’t preach or prod or persuade or nag them to salvation, but you can show them salvation. You can be the example. You can be the spark. You can be the conduit God uses to present His present to another soul.

Don’t leave your Jesus in the pew. Bring Him home with you so others can see why Jesus — complex and complicated, simple and uncomplicated — is such a valued present.

Don’t wait until you’re sorta, kinda dead to realize the importance of the present we’ve been given. Let the Light shine through us while we’re very much alive.

What are you doing with the present of Jesus Christ?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand — and melting like a snowflake. — Francis Bacon Sr.

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9 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Present

  1. I did exactly the same thing as you when I saw the prompt…noun or verb?!?! I couldn’t decide, so I used both. 🙂
    Thanks for such an encouraging post.

    ~#9 on FMF linkup


  2. I actually think you managed to use the noun AND the verb. “Don’t leave your Jesus in the pew.” If anything sticks with me this week, it will be this very phrase. So glad to be your neighbor on Five Minute Friday (A day late edition!).


  3. TamrahJo says:

    RE: “Take time to witness the little ordinary everyday miracles. Embrace the pure new snowfall. Watch spring spring. Enjoy the sunshine even on a cold, windy day. Hold a baby. Dance in the rain. Sing. Soak in life.” –

    Through illustration, I believe you managed to write about both the verb and the noun –

    I read the above quoted lines and thought – “By being present I receive my present” – 🙂 – is that not verb and noun usage, both? (passive verb, I believe, and granted – grammar check always has a field day with my writing /thoughts, :), so I could be so far out in left field, I’ve left the ball park – LOL )

    As for showing, not telling, I remember my dad frequently reminding us in our youth, “The best testimony is a life well lived.” 🙂

    Wonderful post!


  4. miranda says:

    Beautiful. I guess it speaks to me because I am not using this present given to me now. Thanks for sharing.


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