In the Blink of an Eye — New York, New York … 1

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear …
1 John 4:18a

It’s ironic the two states Mom liked least were the two states we lived in the longest. The other side of that is she was also the most fulfilled.

christmas lootPerhaps her biggest objection with New York — in addition to high costs and taxes — was how much little old Seneca County was like Boone County. Farming was the major industry. Roads suddenly disappeared into dirt paths. You had to travel miles to get anything (especially after we moved to Willard). What was done was more important than what could be done.

I don’t think Seneca County would have been on Mom’s short list for a career move, but she realized I had a chance to do something I wanted to do on my own terms. So she bought into the concept and vowed to help out wherever and however she could in our new publishing venture.

jay & momIt all started in April 1994 when I started Between the Lakes … the hard way, from scratch. Within a few months, I merged with The Reveille, creating a new Reveille/Between the Lakes. I’ll leave successful for historians to figure out. Financially, it certainly wasn’t, but it did provide me an opportunity to do something I wanted the way I wanted. For the most part, it paid the bills, although most of the income went into retiring old debt and keeping current with printing, postage and other sundry costs. A businessman I am not.

I initially moved into a cottage on Cayuga Lake in February 1994 and Mom and I were separated — again. It was a short-lived separation, though . Nicolle moved up during the Easter break and Mom and Jonathan joined us on Peterman Road after school got out in May. Scott stayed in Maryland, then shortly thereafter migrated to Massachusetts to be closer to his sweetie and soon to be wife, Mandi.

jay & mom 2Mom was a tremendous help at the paper … more than she ever realized. She was a whiz at organizing and keeping a scatterbrain like me on track. She could re-type a press release faster than anyone I know. She kept track of the invoicing, payments, circulation list and all the behind-the-scenes work.

It was frustrating for her as well, especially when “customers” were ready, willing and able to support the paper until we asked for advertising dollars. She would always explode when she saw a press release in our paper and an ad in the Shopper or Finger Lakes Times. I can still hear her chewing me out for “letting people walk over” me. It was a common mantra over the years.

She was also quick to point out this adventure was my dream, not hers. And in retrospect, she was right.

To be continued …

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. — Ella Fitzgerald


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