Five Minute Friday — Cheer

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. I was going to surprise you and post last night, but a combination of yesterday’s activities {read post below} and a vivid and loud thunder and lighting show made me re-think my plans, turn off the laptop and get some rest. Oh, what an exciting life I live.

You might remember the task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word. We share our work at Kate’s place ( — the highlight of the exercise. About a hundred of us take five minutes and see what comes out: not a perfect post, not a profound post, just five minutes {or so} of focused writing.

To be honest, I thought I was going in a different direction when I first saw the prompt …  CHEER. But the more I thought about it I decided to challenge myself … and here’s the result.

The timer is set … so let’s GO

Two cheers for me!

Someone told me there was a breathtaking lake in Franklin County I should try and see. Of course, he was a hiker.

The shot I was looking for

The shot I was looking for

But I did decide in my Maine wanderings to head for Mount Blue State Park and see if I could find this mysterious Tumbledown Pond. It was an adventure.

Finding Tumbledown Mountain is, in itself, a challenge. I had a vague idea where I was going and since my GPS decided to take the afternoon off, I trusted my instincts. Of course that meant the two hour drive mushroomed into about three and I only found Tumbledown Mountain by accident when I took a back road and spotted a small “Tumbledown Mountain” sign nailed to a tree {signage could be better}.

Now I have walked some trails in New York — Estabrook, Sampson and the infamous Taughannock {}. They were well marked. Here, there was a loop head parking lot, but no indication where the trail began. About a couple of miles further, there … STOP

… was another parking area — also with no signs of a trail.

About to give up, I headed back, but thought, what the heck, I would park in the loop head parking lot and actually take a little hike if I found a trail.

I did, but only got about a quarter mile in when the bugs and mosquitoes got the best of me {I hope none were visiting from the Caribbean with zika in tow}, so I turned back and went to the car. Project Tumbledown fail.

As I pulled out to head back home, I noticed a trail sign about 100 yards up the road and in about 30 feet. It had an outhouse and since nature was calling, I stopped. Sure enough, it was the Brook Trail head leading to the pond. So I turned around, returned to the parking area and attempted another shot at the elusive pond.

I wasn’t really prepared for hiking {long pants and sneakers, no bug repellent and no water} and I really don’t know what I was thinking {what else is new}. But I did have my walking stick {cane} and I was determined to give it a shot.

You see, Tumbledown Pond is on top of Tumbledown Mountain. So the trail — indicated as 1.8 miles and a moderate trek — actually ascends about 1,600 feet. The first 100 yards or so were rocky and flat, but then came the ravines and uphill climb.

It was interesting. I really didn’t have too much of a problem. I met a couple of 20-something girls and their friendly dog about a quarter mile in, who cheered me on with words of encouragement. “It’s worth the walk,” they said as pooch nearly licked my arm off.

If I read the markers right — about every tenth of a mile — I got in a little over a mile {I counted 11 markers} when the doubts started creeping in. My legs and knee were complaining and my toes told me they were tired of the wet {did I mention the ravines?} and bumps of the rocks. My mind told me I was crazy {okay, we all know that}. My imagination kicked in. If I collapsed on the trail, no one would ever find me {did I tell you my phone GPS took the afternoon off?}. I wondered what wild animals might be watching in anticipation of a week’s worth of food with leftovers. The mosquitoes and other bugs were attracted to me like a bug light. My eyes saw just another steeper road ahead. It was getting later — by this time it was nearing 6 p.m.

All I could get

All I could get

I gave up 😦 turned around and headed back to the car.

Actually, I feel I accomplished a lot. For a desk and easy chair jockey, I wandered out of my comfort zone and actually walked about a 2 1/2 miles — or about 10 times more than I have walked in, well, probably two or three years. I didn’t fall or trip, thanks to my walking stick {cane}. Okay, I almost fell once … standing still trying to get a picture.  And I wasn’t pooped. I wasn’t huffing or puffing. In fact, when I got back to the car, I felt my pulse {I’ve been doing that a lot lately}, expecting it to be racing. It was a nice steady, normal beat, a real accomplishment since I’ve been in a-fib for the past few weeks.

On the way down I could feel the presence of my two cheerleaders. Sonni was cheering me on for trying something out of character {remember the Taughannock story?}. I could “see” her dancing on the rocks  like seasoned hikers do.

Karen was cheering me, too. Although she liked to walk, I’m not sure she would have ventured on the trail. I think she was cheering at the prospect I might be joining her soon. Naaah. She’s enjoying the peace and quiet … and sanity.

So, two cheers for me. I will be back — better prepared.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The one who snores will fall asleep first.

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7 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Cheer

  1. Christy says:

    Good for you for trying! I love the contrasting pictures, and can’t wait to see your picture of the lake.


  2. Cheers to you for your effort. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Visiting from FMF.


  3. Kathleen says:

    Good for you! You did amazingly well, for being “out of shape.” That walking stick is a great idea!


  4. Jim Matthews says:

    Nice hike wish I could have joined you.
    March on Quimosabe!

    James Matthews
    P.O. Box 231
    95 South Main Street
    Marlboro,NJ 07746


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