I Guess I’m in Deep Doo Doo

I’m going to be the first to say. Sometimes I don’t think. I don’t mean to go off course … but sometimes I do.

Take last night — or more appropriately this morning — for example. I was heading home from Maine to New York. That’s something I’ve been doing for over a year. It’s nothing new. However, I forgot one little detail and — holy moly — have I heard about it. I didn’t tell my kids when I exactly was leaving — and since I don’t text and drive and they hadn’t heard from me {remember, I usually send them a good morning message} my now grown up little urchins shifted their imagination into overdrive.

Now, a couple of things. I HAD told them I was going to leave after the game. Well, they assumedย  it was the early Green Bay-Jacksonville game and I would be on the road around 4-5 p.m. Or it could have been the 4 p.m. Detroit-Indianapolis game which would have put me on the road around 7-8 ish. I actually decided to stay in Maine until after the nighttime New England-Arizona contest. That put me on the road around 12:30 this morning with the plan being to stop when the taillights started dancing. Only I didn’t share my plans. After all, I’m 69 and I didn’t think I had to check in.

Annnnt. Wrong.

In my defense, I didn’t want to send a group text at 12:36 a.m. I know how annoying they can be, even on vibrate. And when I finally laid my head down at 3:04 a.m. for an hour and a half power nap, I just didn’t think about it. When the sun started climbing I was driving and … I don’t text and drive.

I love my kids and apparently they love me because my lack of response to “Dad, you safe?”unearthed a series of events that could only be portrayed in the movies …

First there a call to the property manager, but it was still early so Dave wasn’t in yet. Next it was a call to the Dover-Foxcroft Police Department to request they check on me {apparently they did}. Then a call to Mayo Hospital to make sure I wasn’t slacking off with some unknown disease. Then it was a check of state police reports. Then a call to the Maine, Massachusetts and New York State Police {I guess they forgot about New Hampshire} to make sure there wasn’t any problems and to be on the lookout for me. {I guess I was Silver Alert}. However, all they knew was I was driving a Subaru they identified as tan {it’s technically seafoam green} and New York plates {no one knew the plate number}. It must have been an interesting conversation with dispatch.

So I pull in at 12:01 and advised all I was back home safe and sound … and that’s when the doo doo hit the fan. My girls are in a panic. Middle son says, “Relax … whatever is going on, one thing dad wouldn’t want us to do is freak.” My older daughter chimes in, “I know he doesn’t want us to freak out, but we need to know he’s safe … It’s not like him to not communicate with us!” {I created a monster} My younger daughter adds, “The repercussions to this irresponsible behavior will be handled. If we pulled this as kids we’d have our asses locked in a room with only 2x a day supervised potty breaks.”

My texting late argument didn’t fly. Nicolle adds, “I was worried sick because you exhibited unusual behavior {?}. I guess you can call that a mommy gene {ut oh, she’s calling in the wrath of Karen!} .” Adds Dee, “I’m with Cole … and mom. Don’t pull that crap again. Text. Text. Text.”

Now middle son chimes in. “You know, too bad we didn’t live closer. We could have all sat on the couch and waited for dad to walk in and said ‘We need to talk.'”

I appreciate and love their concern. I’m sorry I was insensitive and made you worry … needlessly. My onlyย  concern now is how many times I will get pulled over when I go back to Maine.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: We are here on this earth to be here for each other. Time and kindness are free and should be given often.

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9 Responses to I Guess I’m in Deep Doo Doo

  1. TamrahJo says:

    LOL! I’m the daughter of Mom in 70s, who just retired, sold home of nearly 50 years and moved, 12 days before leaving for open-ended ticket visit to her family back east – a mother of son that started college in June and still ironing out details in the whole conversation concerning,

    “okay, during this new adventure of your life, how much do you need me to be ever ready for back up and how much not?” –

    – I suffered a serious health fall in 2011 – ever recovering, but each step I recover, the more tempted I am to take on more than I can chew, all at once and sometimes, overdo, and even though I KNOW, I just pushed the boundaries, to gain a tad – and retreated to rest and go forth again – they aren’t always trusting I will do so – ๐Ÿ™‚

    – They are both moving forth into new phases which mean, I’m no longer needed as much on insta-response status, as I was this past year, t for last minute, “WOW! Forgot this… do you have? Can you help/send/email/call/fix?” –

    And started loading my schedule with to-do, tackle, take time to enjoy, and, saying, “Why yes, my friend who is busier than I, I can meet you for long lunch, right now!” – to come home and check my phone (on vibrate, cuz, I was focused on my friend…for last 2 hours of catching up – – ) to texts, “Pic of me doing….” – – then…”Hey, you okay?” and shortly thereafter, “Please call – you’re always home and respond! I’m freakin out – if you don’t let me know in 2.5 seconds, I’m calling 911….” – ๐Ÿ™‚

    And so, fully see both sides of this lil’ story – both from role of self-designated protector and adopted protectee –

    Hugs to all involved – ๐Ÿ™‚ it is a journey, isn’t it?

    – – Learning when various stages of life require us all to meet, renew our vows of family, renegotiate our current agreements re: how we decide to show our love for each other, every moment of every day? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not for the impatient or faint of heart, who aren’t in it for the long haul, but oh, isn’t is wonderful when it shows up with the same committee party of negotiaters, over and over:)

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  2. Naomi says:

    This made me smile. Your family love you so much and – as annoying as it can be when they go into “overdrive” – you are most definitely blessed.

    May Jesus keep you safe continually.


  3. Ha! Ha! WE had a similar experience when our last one went off to college and we decided to take a few days off and go to the beach. what were we thinking!? This must be what it is like when they say, “Second childhood:” You still have to check in with someone in authority (my children?!) and obey the curfews.

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  4. tugoffaith says:

    I’m the daughter of parents in their 70s and this made me smile. My parents just went on a cruise, and no kidding – we had a death in the family while they were away. My sister were in an absolute panic, because of course they were traveling in Mexico and turned off their phones! A few frantic calls later and we had a message on its way to their boat. But, this week my parents are leaving again and I’ve absolutely demanded that this trip, and every trip from now on, include an email to me with their exact itinerary! That way, if we have emergencies we can find them. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Our generation doesn’t think about the impact of social media on our children and grandchildren. I just didn’t think. Thanks for the note and I hope your parents had a great time (sorry for the death in the family).


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