Difficult Responsibilities

When dad moved to Maine he left everything behind at the house, except the essentials. He told me to go through it as I had time, see what was memorable, and donate or toss the rest. We had plans of my siblings coming up some day, and going through the attic where all the memories of mom and dad’s lives were. There was a dream of a family “reunion”, because we all often said we didn’t want the next time we were all together to be at another funeral.

Unfortunately, that day never came.
Since I now have to move, putting off going through things until my siblings are here is no longer an option. The task is left to me, the over emotional one. So as you can imagine it hasn’t gone so well!

As I look at the mounds of stuff in the attic I find myself saying “Nope can’t do it” as tears stream down my face, and I move along to another task.

Time is ticking…..seriously I am on the clock to get through this stuff and pack up my life again in a matter of weeks!

As I lay here in bed I can’t stop thinking of all the times I have moved in my life. This will make time #10! I should be a professional by now! Really I should, but the truth is I hate everything about moving. It totally stresses me out. Are the dishes packed so they don’t break? Are the kids things separated so I am not looking for that one special thing they want?!

I am a last minute packer because I get so overwhelmed.
This time however is the hardest. I had to go through some papers (boxes upon boxes) and it took me a couple of weeks to do that, and that was important. Now it is the emotional part, sorting through decades of memories. Mine, my parents, my siblings, OUR family. I can’t help thinking “What if this means something to one of my siblings? What if I throw this away because I think it has no “value” but later on one of my siblings says “hey did you see…” I don’t like this responsibility, but I have to pull up my big girl pants and just do it… RIGHT?

Right, unfortunately 😭 so that is what I will do. I will find my big girl pants, put them on, and do what my family is trusting their emotional sister to do. My camera will become my best friend, and my siblings worst nightmare.

Another chapter will close, but a new chapter will begin in this crazy emotional task at hand. I have faith that my parents will guide me through the sorting phase, and continue to guide me after I walk out of our family home for the last time. With tears streaming down my face I know they are watching, guiding, and supporting all of us from the other side.

So here is to the good memories that we will always cherish in our hearts.

Check back next week to see what interesting things/ memories I may uncover!

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2 Responses to Difficult Responsibilities

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I have moved so many times (18 at last count – where I live now is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I was 17) – and two of the moves were done not long or during a loss – – I bought crates, and labled them, for the things I just couldn’t ‘bear to give up/let go of’ etc., or thought others might want when they had the time to assess – – over the years? I have tried to go through them, each re-organization/cleaning/move and am now down to just 3 crates – and well – – along the way? The things I could let go of – finally – found their way to use for others – who ‘needed’ that dish, that piece of clothing or material, etc., at the time – or that one spoon/thimble to complete their inherited 50 sttes collection – – :). Sometimes, it’s a bear saving/packing/moving it – but in the end, I’m glad I did –


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