Ready for Spring

First, a statement. I AM a winter person. I love the white. I love the cold. It doesn’t bother me when the first flakes fall in October and stick around beginning in November. I love the landscape of snow mountains. I don’t mind the slush. There is nothing better than sitting comfy at home just watching the flakes fall. I look forward to white Christmases and cold New Years. Nothing beats a fire in the fireplace … even the faux fireplace.

Sure, there are some down sides. There is always the risk of falling — in fact, better than a quarter of our residents here have found themselves snowbound just this winter, including me. However, based on my 70 plus year experience, I’ve learned how to fall — propelling myself toward snow banks. And I don’t even need snow! And I don’t like ice.

With that all being said, I also appreciate the three other seasons — spring, summer and fall. And right now, I’m ready for spring.

It’s been a long winter. I’m ready to see some of the tell-tale signs spring is springing. — like buds on trees, flowers {even weeds} starting to sprout, longer days, birds singing, animals coming out of hibernation. It’s a re-birth each year.

Now, we’re still a little way off for these signs. For the most part we can’t see the trees behind the snow wall. flowers need about six, eight, 10 inches of white stuff to push through. The sun does seem a little brighter and shines a little longer. I’ve seen the pigeons periodically through the winter, but saw crows the other day. I expect smaller birds to follow soon. I haven’t seen any small animals yet, but a neighbor said she saw a skunk and there have been some paw prints in the snow outside my window. If feels good walking the dog in 40-degree weather rather than zero weather. It’s comforting just putting on a coat rather than a coat, sweatshirt, hat and mittens.

So I’m ready … at least right now. I might change my mind next month when the allergies kick in.

And I’m looking forward to summer when Angelina and I can do some exploring and traveling. I’m not sure where we’ll go since we {or at least I} have already visited every county in Maine. I’m thinking New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island might be in the plan. And, of course, I still have five children in five states who keep begging for a visit.

That brings us to fall. I’ve been so blessed to live in areas where fall foliage dominates the bridge from summer to winter. Football. Sweatshirts. Bonfires. These are some of my favorite things.

And as the days start to dim, we cycle back to winter. Ain’t life good!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Great minds have purposes; others only have wishes. — Washington Irving


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1 Response to Ready for Spring

  1. Onisha Ellis says:

    Seems like you will have some traveling to do this summer.


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