Five Minute Friday — Place

It’s time for my weekly Five Minute Friday contribution.

It’s somewhat appropriate. The prompt this week is PLACE. We actually wrote on the topic about a year and half ago, but I resisted the urge to peek at what I previously wrote. {I did have an entirely different take on the prompt, by the way.}

Our facilitator,Kate Motaung turned the prompt over to the FMF crew to expand and embellish. And, of course, we meet and greet at her place (in the Community section at to share and network. It’s fun, fun, fun and keeps our neurons sharp.

Ready to join in yet?

Okay, here’s another take from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Don’t listen to me. Listen to Susan.

“I joined the Five Minute Friday Community in 2014. I was in a pit of despair following my mom’s death and a personal disappointment. FMF was a healing balm for my soul — the relationships formed and being with so many like-minded writers brought me great peace and joy.”

There you go. Now to this week’s task. The timer is set. Let’s GO…

Last night before going to sleep, I checked my online bank balance. It was a couple of hundred dollars lighter than I expected, so I dug a little deeper. Sure enough, two automatic payments just happened to hit — at a most inopportune time.

Normally, that might kick me into a panic mode — or at the very least, a what am I {emphsis on I} going to do? What steps do I {emphasis on I} have to take? And of course, it was bedtime, not the crack of dawn so there was nothing — absolutely nothing — I could do.

Instead, as I lay my head on the pillow for my final discussion with the Lord, amid the joys and blessings, this dollar displacement was on my list. But, perhaps because of the prompt, my last words for the night were, “I place this and all things in Your hands, Lord.”

You know what happend?

I slept like a baby — straight through the night. I rarely do that. I was peaceful … I’m convincd because I placed my problems at the … STOP

of the cross.

It’s amazing what peace you can have when you do that. My oft said words — worry steals your peace — finally, finally resonated with me.

Yes, my bank account is a little lighter. Yes, I’ll have to replenish it. But I don’t have to do it alone … because I placed my trust in the Lord — as it should be.

What about you? Where does you place your trust?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

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10 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Place

  1. Hi there! i’m just behind you in spot number 31 on the Five-Minute Friday today. I like the slant you have on the word. It’s easy to worry or get upset and placing it in the Father’s hands is the best thing to do. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. Joan Merrell says:

    I can relate completely to your “lightened” bank account. It seems to happened all too often! I appreciated your take on the prompt this week, and applaud your placing everything in God’s hands. It’s the only way to operate, and ends up being a daily prayer at times. I am your neighbor on Five Minute Friday this week. Thanks for sharing your post!


  3. I put my trust in God, of course,
    well, Him and Colonel Colt,
    ’cause preparation’s faith’s obverse,
    and I am not a dolt.
    Anyone who comes this way
    with evil on his mind
    will find it hard to sit and pray
    with lead in his behind.
    And praying would be good to do
    for who bad things contemplated
    ’cause my wife’s a good shot, too,
    and the dude would be ventilated.
    Marshall Earp’s words are on the flyleaf of my Bible:
    “Fast is fine, but accurate is final.”

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  4. Tara says:

    The peace only Christ can give!

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