Another Great Day

I woke up to some great news today … I mean, truly great news! I am now a great-grandfather for the third time. My grandson Zack and his wife Khristine welcomed Harper Jean to the world officially at 11:37 p.m., 5 pounds 14 ounces and 18 inches long. In addition to mom and day, she joins sister Addison in the Kohlhofer family.

Little Miss Harper is God’s latest gift to me. He has blessed Karen and I with five children, who in turn have blessed us with 18 grandchildren and now three great-granddaughters. I cherish each and every one in the quiver.

I think it’s amazing. I was an only child and Karen only had one sister.  My only regret is Karen isn’t here to experience this with me.

I look at babies as God’s promise He is still with us. They are a peek at the future, a look at the present and a connection to the past. They link us.

I’m still not sure I’m ready for the “great” part. I always envisioned great-grandparents as, well, old. I suppose I am old but I don’t feel “great” old, just “grand” old. And, of course, this is my third shot at “great”-ness

Harper’s birth was a reminder I’m in another season in my life, my very blessed life. I’ve managed to grow up {okay, maybe in years, anyway} and watch my children and grandchildren grow up. Hopefully, I’ll get to witness at least some of my great-grandchildren’s lives … and still remember and appreciate it.

I immediately thought of the presentation scene in The Lion King where Simba was lifted toward the heavens. I symbolically lift Harper toward the heavens, not for the oohs and aahs in this realm, but in appreciation of her Creator.

All I can do is pray for her — as I do for her parents and their parents’ parents. It’s a simple prayer. Lord, keep them close.

To Harper I utter the same prayer I’ve prayed so many times over the years.

Lord, I thank you for this gift. Give my grandchildren the same strength and wisdom You blessed me and my children with to raise her as Your special child, with potential and possibilities way beyond their belief. They will not be perfect and neither were we. She will not be perfect and neither were we. But, let us all remember whose child she is … Yours. May Harper grow as a reflection of the One who made her all the days of her life.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Play games with your kids.

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