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I have a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday in New York. It’s no big deal … just a routine visit with my primary care physician. However, since it is a 588 mile one-way trip, I really didn’t want it to be a quick trip with a quick turnaround. I’ll head out Saturday and return home next Friday.

I normally try to squeeze in some family time when I travel — and this won’t be any different. I’ll be staying with my daughter, significant other and grandson and plan some face time with the other four grandchildren still in the Empire State. And I hope to see some friends as well.

But there is also some business to tend to. As a published author, I am going to carve out some time meeting and greeting at three formal events. The first is Sunday where I will join the 9:30 a.m. worship at Christ Episcopal Church, Willard, followed by fellowship. Tuesday I will be featured at a Meet & Greet Evening at the home of Don & Kathy Peters in Waterloo at 7 p.m. The third is next Thursday at noon at the Gould Hotel, Seneca Falls, addressing the Kiwanis Club.  In addition to meeting and greeting, I plan on catching up and talking about my book, Heaven Shining Through, and the publishing process, maybe sign and/or sell a few books and bring guests up to date with projects planned. Yes, there are projects planned — and those groups will find out about it first!

I am also planning a couple of smaller groups with friends. One of the best parts of publishing is I have met so many new and old friends and have had so many great conversations.

I could probably squeeze in additional gatherings. Just let me know.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Don’t try to be the cool mom or dad. It’s embarrassing.

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2 Responses to Meet and Greet

  1. Jim Matthews says:

    If you need a place to set up camp or shop.

    9 Patterson Lane
    Clarksburg, NJ 08510

    Semi empty nesters except my daughter teaching locally just graduated from Gordon College.

    So, near Great Adventure Jackson,NJ
    West of Belmar 20 miles or so
    Sw Freehold
    Southeast to Princeton,NJ

    Keep me posted if you need a ride or a home.
    Vaya con Dios,

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