Five Minute Friday — Loyal

The Five Minute Friday assignment — often a Saturday assignment for yours truly — is to write for five minutes on a prompt word, post it and share with fellow Five Minute friends at Kate’s place on Facebook at Around 100 of us gather round to encourage and support our fellow Christian writers, writing in a variety of styles and genres. It’s always very interesting to see how a simple word take shape into posts. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not as much and always entertaining. Be sure to stop in and read the diversity of thought at Kate’s place. And don’t be afraid to join in!

I’ve been sharing snippets taken from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. They are a testament to the value of the exercise. The 150 blog posts were compiled from the community by Susan Shipe. The stories span a diverse range of experiences, but share a common thread: a love for the bravely written word.

This week, I’ll share some perspective from Rachel, who I hope inspires you to check us out or, better yet, encourage you to try your hand at focused, unscripted writing for just five minutes. And share it on Kate’s website.

“I was new to this whole blogging world when I came across Five Minute Friday from Lisa-Jo Baker’s place [the originator of the exercise]. I knew nothing about link-up’s, how to do it or even much about Twitter. But the FMF community was so welcoming and no question was ever dismissed or laughed at but the ladies [and gents] just jumped in and were quick to give me the ‘how-to’s’ with step by step instructions and wham-bam … there I am … instant friends and connections that link across the miles. I look forward each week to connect back with the girls [and guys] and read what they have to say. They’re my Five Minute gang and I look forward to catching up with them every Friday!”

The word this week is LOYALTY. The clock is starting, so let’s GO …

As I write this, Angelina, my shih tzu mix, is comfortably (?) lying across my lap — no, not curled up in a ball, but literally stretched out with her head resting on my knee. The laptop is nested on her back and she is completely unfazed.

That, my friend, is loyalty in action.

Generally when I’m in my recliner, she is right there with me … or at least until my restless legs start moving too much. While she sleeps in bed with me, it is generally curled at my feet. Often, she wakes me in the morning not with slobbering kisses but a methodical tail thump well within ear shot.

I told someone just this morning, I think dogs are angels sent to comfort, protect and be a loyal companion.

Angelina isn’t the first. There have been a long line of dogs in the household over the years — Tess, Tag, Mandy, Harrigan, Snoopy and even Jet going back to my younger days to name just a few. They all had that same trait … STOP

in common. Once we established boundaries — I’m still not sure who the master actually is — they have been there protecting us day and night from dangers seen and unseen and keeping us company with an unconditional love. When I fell in snowbank last winter, before I hit the soft ground, Angelina was there licking my face and making sure I was okay. Even mild-mannered Mandy turned into a pit bull (she was an English springer) when a well-known friend entered our home to pick up some baby supplies while mom and dad were not at home.

We have another loyal Friend, too. He sits with us, eats with us, sleeps with us and protects us. His name is Jesus. Angelina — and the others — are His emissaries.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Take your child out for date night at least once a month. Let them pick where.

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7 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Loyal

  1. princessofthelaundrybasket says:

    I had the same thought about dogs when I saw this prompt! I think that sometimes God sends us people to comfort and accompany us, sometimes angels, and sometimes a dog. Your FMF neighbour #48

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  2. I don’t relate to people very well, but I do relate to dogs. We understand each other.

    Recently I was out with our Aussie, Megan, when she saw a rattlesnake – she pushed me back, and lunged at it. She didn’t get bitten, and I had the chance to draw and dispatch the snake. 185 grains of ball is effective.

    She did that, I think, because she knew I would have done the same for her. We’re blood.

    I have something for you, a song I will son use on my blog; I hope it’s OK that I link it here. It touched me deeply, and I think that you may find a similar resonance.


  3. Lynne says:

    I agree about dogs being loyal and sent to us to be a companion that is trustworthy. I use to have a dog that was so loyal to us, but as soon as anyone came near us he was so protective. Thank you for the lovely reminder.


  4. Del says:

    Well, with moving I didn’t get to the FMF, but glad to catch up on others. Yes, my thoughts too. We have little Abby and as a poodle, her bark is worse than her bite! But loyal she is right to the end. Thanks for your word and have a great week…


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