Five Minute Friday — Adapt

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday, where a group of us tackle the task of writing for five minutes on a specific prompt word from our moderator, Kate Motaung. After writing, we share our thoughts at Kate’s place on Facebook at Then we get to sit back and read what our fellow writers have posted. It’s always inspiring.

I’ve been including snippets from other writers, taken from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Listen to why Elizabeth finds Five Minute Friday so rewarding. Maybe she can convince you to visit or, better yet, give it a try!

“Blogging was a way for me to reconnect to my long lost love of writing. When I lost focus and wasn’t sure how to continue, when I was overwhelmed by life’s busy-ness, when I wasn’t sure I had anything worthwhile left to say, a Five Minute Friday prompt would appear in my inbox and, the next thing you know, I was writing again.”

This week’s prompt is ADAPT. The timer is set, so let’s GO …

One thing I have learned. Life is unpredictable. Just when you think you know where it’s going or think you know what to expect, bam!, along comes a surprise.

For some people, the surprise throws them completely off kilter. It scares them when they don’t know e-x-a-c-t-l-y how things are playing out . They have a hard time adapting to change.

Surprises throw me off as well … the check that doesn’t come until tomorrow … the interview that featured questions I wasn’t quite expecting. But I don’t let them throw me too far off kilter. I adapt. I go to Plan B … or  Plan C … or, well, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and sometimes I have used pretty much of them.

As I’ve aged, I find myself more accepting of the unexpected. I don’t like it, but I just decided when surprises happen, they happen for a reason (often unknown to me by a God who knows way more than I do) and generally lead to other blessings I hadn’t thought of. ... STOP

I guess I’ll chalk it up to FAITH.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Being the only person not to do something either makes you extremely clever or really stupid. — Steven Fox

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Adapt

  1. I just pretend that plan C is plan A, and try to fool circumstance into messing up what I DIDN’T want to do so that I can sneak around it and accomplish the primary goal on the sly.

    Yeah, doesn’t work. But it’s fun.


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