Blast Off!

The hype of the book launch for Heaven Shining Through is now a happy memory. It went much better than I had hoped. I would have been happy with about 20 souls in the seats and would have been ecstatic at 25. I can’t find the right word to describe the final tally … 31 joining us at The Mill Cafe in Dover-Foxcroft, ME. It was such an outpouring of support from my neighbors, Kiwanis, church and the community at large.

Even more astounding was the live Facebook feed. My grandson, who did the filming, said there were around a dozen or so live. But the video thus far has been seen by 318 friends literally from coast to coast and even a few names I recognized from outside the USA. If you’re interested, you can view the launch presentation at

During the shameless promotion of the book Sunday, I chronicled how it came to be, read select passages from the book and what I hoped readers would get from the book — some basic encouragement.

It was so heartwarming to receive that much support and encouragement, especially since  I am a relative newcomer to Dover-Foxcroft. The locals have embraced this “away” guy as much as I have embraced them!

Now the fun begins. I will be presenting copies of the book to Thompson Free Library in Dover-Foxcroft Wednesday and at the five libraries in Seneca County, NY over the next two weeks. I will also be signing books at most of those venues. I’m working on presentations in New Jersey in June and will be at the August Maine Authors Day in Guilford.

Heaven Shining Through costs $9.99 and has been receiving good reviews. Your thoughts and reviews are also welcomed.

The book is available at a number of online sites —,, and You can also order directly from me at

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Consequences suck, but teach them to your kids young, very young.


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  2. I am so pleased it all went so well !!


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