Reviews Are In

Heaven Shining Through.

Yes it is!

It’s been about a week and a half since book launch and the reviews are starting to come in. On the up side, they have been generally positive. On the down side, readers are asking for more. I guess that means there might be some more work for me to do this summer.

I am satisfied with the outcome of the book. I like the cover and the flow of the narrative. I like the reception the book has received as I’ve participated in book signings. And I am proud to pay it forward by donating a copy of Heaven Shining Through to libraries for their individual collections. Thus far, the book has been presented to Thompson Free Library in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, and in three of the Seneca County libraries in New York, Ford Library, Ovid, Waterloo Library and Interlaken Public Library. I will make additional presentations this weekend to the other two Seneca County libraries, Seneca Falls and Garnsey Delavan in Lodi.

Heaven Shining Through is a story of two strong women and one daughter’s self-realization and recognition of the presence of God in an ordinary and sometimes messy life. Much of the novella takes place as a flashback in her native northern New Jersey, allowing Samantha to see that presence through her life. As her faith increases, she is able to see her mother through new eyes, leading to reconciliation … and she is reminded of that every time she sees Heaven Shining Through.

That’s my pitch. Here is what some others are saying …

I was quickly engrossed in Samantha’s story. Joe does a great job grabbing the reader for this emotional journey. Just wished it was longer! I wasn’t ready for it to be over. — jthompson

Sometimes when we feel hopeless, it is difficult to hear God’s voice. There are times when we need to be quiet and still. We need to hear God speak and give us direction, insights, and thoughts. In the uncertainties of life, God will speak if we will listen. The book is amazing, inspirational, up lifting and heart warming. — Nelliesha

This 64 page novella should have been a novel. The characters lack distinctive development and don’t come to life as real people with inner lives. Why would a middle aged man elect to write in the voice of a woman? This is hard to do convincingly unless you are skilled fiction writer. The plot moves along at warp speed as the decades pass and the characters marry, die, reconcile. They go through a series of events that lack emotional resonance for the reader. There are many missed opportunities for going deeper with descriptions. And too much use of dialogue. This might have been a decent book if the author slowed down, made it 200 pages or more. This just did not work for me. Read like the author had an ending in mind (reconciliation) and raced to get there. — Augusta

Nice inspirational novella. We get a glimpse into the life, loves and challenges of one woman. Engaging and well-written, Siccardi shows us how God can shine through the events of our life, even the difficult ones. — probertson

Enjoyed this book very much. Encouraging to see the hand of God moving and bringing her into His healing and wholeness in the face of perceived rejection, heartache and grief. Enjoyed experiencing the happiness and joy of her earlier life and the warm feeling of seeing that throughout all of life, Heaven really does shine through. Thanks, Joe. Good read. — William

So many tears! [The author has] a way with words and telling a story. — Jennifer

It was well written and I enjoyed it, but hope you will go back and insert the space between losing Chad and losing her mom. – Mary Ruth

I was able to picture it in my mind as I read, and although I am by no means a critic, when you can envision the story in your head just by reading the words, that’s what makes me enjoy a book. Although I wish it was longer, I thought it was great! I look forward to your next project! — Lynne

You captured me … completely different than I expected. Loved being local, I saw a lot of similarities and trying to figure who’s eyes you were looking through. Very nice. — Dave

Heaven Shining Through is available online at Xulon, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or directly from me at The book is also available at Chloe’s Collections & Florist, Dover-Foxcroft, and The Mustard Seed Bookstore, Bath, ME.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Be mindful of friends who say “I told her I wouldn’t tell anyone but…” She’s sharing your secrets too.


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