…big shoes to fill

“He leaves BIG shoes to fill,
but they are heading in the right direction…”

I have pretty small feet. One of my LEAST favorite things to do is replace my shoes. I can never quite find a shoe that fits just right.

I get them too big and I get calluses and blisters from all the rubbing around. I get them too small, my feet get sores and ingrown nails. I try hand me downs, and well, let’s just say, don’t try the mushroom soup.

Never did my feet feel smaller, than when I found all of dad’s shoes and placed them in a pile…

I thought about all the places they had been, adventures they had, all the storms they weathered.

They were such big shoes to fill… How could I ever fill them?

I realized, though, his shoes aren’t for me to fill. I’ll get blisters and sores, calluses and, well, you know about the soup.

We are meant to wear our own shoes. Walk our own path. Weather our own storms. The shoes we wear are simply tools used to carry out whatever mission we are on.

When it’s time to run, we wear running shoes. When it’s time to work, we wear work boots. When it’s time to kick back and relax, we wear house shoes. It’s not the shoes that determines our activity, it’s our activity that determines our shoes.


the greatest shoes of all weren’t shoes at all… they were sandals.

Thought of the Day….

“In the middle of every difficulty, comes opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

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