As most of you know, I am working on a new work in progress (WIP). It has been going well — generally following an outline with notes highlighting the beginning and end thoughts and specific scenes in between. As you also know, my outlines are just that … outlines not necessary fixed in place. They are fluid to allow for “detours” as the story line develops.

I confess. I took one of those detours and as I followed that ever-narrowing rabbit hole, I now find myself in totally uncharted waters. I’m finding it harder and harder to continue simply because I literally have no experience.

I’m facing a wall. I could take the path of stereotype … and probably lose all credibility for the story. I could take the other path, an uncertain road that might lead me further into the forest with no hope of getting out.

And so, friends, I need HELP!

Without divulging too many details, the WIP is about Samantha’s — yes, my Sam — granddaughter. It’s a legacy novel. It features Kathi and the challenges the 15 year old faces after the death of her best friend, Grandma. Clouded by grief and teenage emotions, she makes a series of questionable choices and finds herself in a compromising situation where she is assaulted — sexually assaulted although not physically assaulted.

That was the rabbit hole. I am not sure how a teenage girl would react. I suspect disgust, fear, self-deprecation, anger, confusion, dirty.

That’s where I’m at. Well, actually, I’m a little further but I still sense there is something missing — experience. I don’t want to pry or wake up old memories, but I’m hoping a couple of you could give me some insight. I don’t need details, but I do need to sense how someone who went through a similar experience reacted and healed. That is the request of the day.

I would also like to hear from friends, families or counselors … even from those who may have assaulted someone. Help me understand.

If interested in helping, I would suggest messaging me or sending an e-mail. I’ll privately send you more information about the scene and aftermath in exchange for your input.


THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Everything in life has potential, but it must be developed. It never develops itself. — Edwin Louis Cole, The Potential Principle — Living Life To Its Maximum

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3 Responses to Help

  1. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    She be cold, and not wanting to be hugged by anyone even those who have been close to her. She would begin to lose herself. She would walk around hearing the the family, but like to her being in a Zombie state. She would feel dead inside. Angry, very depressed, and a sense of is this actually real. Is this her reality. When she was with her friends she would pretend all was okay, being very loud. She would be the class clown, she couldn’t let on anything was wrong. Humor helped her survive, but it all numbed. She suppresses it usually, and it comes out later for most girls. It is so common for girls to completely forget, and have a break at some point in their adult life. Almost like a psychotic break. I hope that helps a little.

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  2. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    Sorry for typos that was a lot to write, I think you can make sense of it. I wrote it very fast. Forgot some words, and had two of some. Just hope it helps.

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