Today’s Words for the Week come from the wisdom of Ray Lammie

It’s not your parents’ fault, it’s not where you were born, how poor you were, your lack of education, the boss, your ex-spouse, etc. You are responsible for your actions. The greatest power you have is the power to change.

I’ll add a companion thought from Dick Innes.

We were not responsible for our upbringing but are totally responsible for what we do about it.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Never stop believing in hope because miracles happen every day.

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2 Responses to Change

  1. Bruce says:

    Very good advice. It’s important to take personal responsibility for one’s actions. I hate it when someone makes excuses, and blames someone else for their failures. There are some people who whine and complain about everything under the sun, and say it’s not their fault. If they have a need to blame someone for this, then they should take a look in the mirror.

    On the flip side of the coin, I don’t believe in loading oneself down with guilt either. We can never change the past, and what’s done is done. I have learned to look back, and learn something positive from a negative experience. I have also learned that by having a positive attitude, I can accomplish so much more in life. Life itself is a journey, and it’s not important to focus where we have been. It’s important to focus where we are presently, and where we are going.

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