Is Prayer Enough?

Our thought for today’s Words for the Week are from Janice Lyons.

Is Prayer Enough?

If all I do is pray for you,
Can God’s work be done?
If I am not His hands and feet,
Can the world be won?

Faith must be put into action,
Breathing life and spirit;
Can God’s will be truly done,
If I only hear it?

Lyons is a coordinator in the Department of Psychiatry at East Tennessee State University.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no.” Period!

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4 Responses to Is Prayer Enough?

  1. TamrahJo says:

    “I’ll pray for you” – the first refuge of those who believe, are to busy to make time to ‘do’ for others when not convenient for them and those who not what else to offer that may be of use. “I’ll pray for you” – the last refuge of those who understand, they know not what is needed, or how to give, or how to help and figure, well, if nothing else, I can trust that by asking, what you truly are in need of will show up or I’ll be shown how I can be of service.” – but always, for me, behind the surface, is the understanding that how I receive the “I’ll pray for you” line has more to do with my internal beliefs and observations..and, here and there, judgements about the person offering the line and less about whether I think it will actually do anyone any good – them or me… 😀


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