The Danger Within Us

French author Victor Hugo has a short story titled, 93. In the midst of this tale, a ship at sea is caught in a terrific storm. Buffeted by the waves, the boat rocks to and fro, when suddenly the crew hears an awesome crashing sound below deck. They know what it is. A cannon they are carrying has broken loose and is smashing into the ship’s sides with every list of the ship. Two brave sailors, at the risk of their lives, manage to go below and fasten it again, for they know that the heavy cannon on the inside of their ship is more dangerous to them than the storm on the outside.

So it is with people. Problems within are often much more destructive to us than the problems without.

Today, God’s word would take us “below decks” to look inside ourselves concerning the whole matter of forgiveness.

This reflection is from Stephen M. Crotts/George L. Murphy, Sermons For Sundays: After Pentecost (Middle Third): The Incomparable Christ, CSS Publishing Company. Cited on

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Do something today that will make you a better person tomorrow.

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