A Fork in the Road

This week’s reflection is by Wren Wynn of Agape Metropolitan Community Church, Fort Worth, TX.

“I was starting in ignorance, fueled by more ignorance and a major helping of incorrect information …” — Gary Paulsen, Winterdance

When I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I learned constellations and the phases of the moon. I put glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. I practiced my math and science, always trying my very best in school so I could go to a university like MIT and one day travel to space. I gathered pamphlets and brochures for Space Camp, watched every movie ever made that involved space travel (I still kind of regret watching MOON), and spent copious amounts of time in my room playing astronaut, preparing myself for my inevitable journey into space. I reveled in every breath the day my parents took me to the Kennedy Space Center.

Then, I was informed (incorrectly informed) by an adult I trusted, girls could not be astronauts. And, in my childhood ignorance and innocence, I believed them. I was told math was for boys and really smart girls. I was told I was not a smart girl. Being an astronaut was not only not for girls, but I was stupid to even think I could do something so great.

I never became an astronaut … even though girls can, have been, and are astronauts. I am now 36 and I still mourn that dream.

Many times throughout our lives we come to a watershed in the journey, a fork in the road that requires us to make one of two choices: believe what other people tell us or believe what our heart tells us. If we choose the path of others’ voices and judgments, we begin to slowly embody those thoughts. We begin to believe and even tell ourselves the negative, the diminishing, the lack-luster. Contrary-wise, each time we choose to listen to our heart, to listen to the calling of that which brings us greatest joy and peace, we embody our authenticity — positivity, grandness, potential, beauty. The more we practice choosing our heart-song on the journey, the easier choosing to believe in our self becomes until ignorance and incorrect information are no longer what inform our journey or our dreams.

Sacred Spirit, may I know in those moments of ignorance and incorrect information Your grace. Help me to believe in myself, my potential, my beauty. May I awaken to the truth my dreams are wonderful and vital — a gift and blessing from You. Help me to have the courage to journey towards my dreams each and every day. Amen and amen.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A positive anything is better than a negative nothing.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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