Happy, Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Well, Sweetheart, you caught up to me again! Happy, Happy Birthday! Okay, its a few hours early — your birthday is actually tomorrow (Nov. 20) — but Happy, Happy Birthday nonetheless!

I was having a hard time figuring out how I would recognize this milestone date. Over the past years, I’ve included some flowery verses, some whimsical sayings and simple I Love Yous. I could do that again this year, but what kept nagging me is whether they actually celebrate birthdays in heaven.

Let’s face it, down here we recognize milestones because we’re constrained by time and space. I’m not sure that’s the case in heaven. Eternity is a milestone. I mean, without the constraints of time and space, how do they measure milestones? I’m sure there is some way and I can envision the choir breaking out in a chorus of Happy Birthday for you and all those born on this earth-constrained day. I just don’t how that happens.

Down here, we do recognize the day you were born and started your journey through life and into my life and the lives of all your touched. And it’s noteworthy, because you were noteworthy.

I was privileged you were given to me as a special gift. I watched you grow from an 18 year old self-doubting girl into a formidable, forceful woman through 40 years of marriage, and leaving a legacy for those of us left behind — a legacy of love. Speaking just for myself, you were my complement. You made me whole. And you are missed.

I can tell you, you haven’t aged a day. In fact, in my mind’s eye, you have become more beautiful — if that was at all possible. That’s why I can still say:

With all my love,

Happy, Happy Birthday

… For all our Yesterdays

… Today … Tomorrow

… and throughout Eternity.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. — Jack Benny

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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7 Responses to Happy, Happy Birthday Sweetheart

  1. Joe, this is such a lovely tribute, so full of longing, and of hope.
    Well, dear Lord, please tell me true,
    and let me glimpse your way.
    When I’m in the blue with You,
    do we still have birthdays?
    Does Heaven keep a count of time,
    or is it seamless and all ‘now’
    in the grace of the Divine;
    what do we celebrate, and how?
    It’s a conundrum I can’t fix
    within the confines of my brain,
    but I hope that in the mix
    there will be parties that remain.
    If we don’t blow out candles there,
    what will I do with my hot air?


  2. Bruce says:

    Very nice and thoughtful Joe. I know you and your wife are apart now, and I know you miss her very much. Look at it this way: She has gone on vacation for awhile, but in due time you will be boarding the Paradise Express, and she and you will be reunited again.Remember that patience is a virtue.

    In your article, you mentioned eternity. During my foray into the afterlife, I noticed there was no sense of time there. I experienced eternity. It’s kind of like living in the moment.


  3. Jim Matthews says:

    You are my Don Bosco Alumnus emeritus.
    Blessings to your Family on Thanksgiving. Especially at this time.
    Glad you appeal to my senses and everything Paterson and North Jersey.
    I tell my wife I want to retire in Maine like Joe Siccardi my mentor.
    Egash Florida is not for me!
    On a separate note , Class of 1978 Disco era is having reunion at Brownstone.
    I believe April 18, 2020
    Keep you posted maybe you being a 65 grad can come as a Moose in disguise.
    You still touring the USA?

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