I Did It My Way

Today’s Words for the Week come from “Letters to the Editor,” London Times, cited by Tony Whittaker during Internet Evangelism Day.

As a young electronics graduate many years ago, I remember unpacking a new oscilloscope, the latest and best of its class. Several hours later, having only achieved mixed results, I decided to open the manual. The first page stated in large bold letters: “Now you’ve tried it your way, try it our way.”

Good advice for all who want to live and die God’s way!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Expectation is the root of all heartache. — William Shakespeare.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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5 Responses to I Did It My Way

  1. Old Jonah did it his way,
    and went as he might wish,
    until that psychedelic day
    when he was swallowed by a fish.
    King David thought that he could hide
    the dalliance with Bathing Beauty
    but didn’t dream what would betide
    when he failed to do his duty.
    And what about St. Peter,
    who though no-one should know
    about his erstwhile leader…
    and then the cocks did crow.
    God didn’t toss ’em beneath the bus
    which is really good, for They are US.


  2. Ruthie Young says:

    Yep! got a good chuckle from this! soooo right on many levels.
    blessings and keep writing! we enjoy it!


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