Shameless Self Promotion … I Hate It

One of the things I’ve learned from my book publishing experiences is the necessity of self promotion. I hate it. It’s a necessary evil. I hate it.

I don’t mind talking about my writing projects. I’ll answer any questions thrown at me. I don’t even mind talking about myself. But to “sell” my work and self? I hate it. A salesman I am not.

But it is a necessary step in the process. The books need readers outside my comfort zone and my individual circle. Unfortunately it means press releases, pitches, social media presence. It means repetition — the same message over and over. If you think you become frustrated by the  never-ending references to my books, pity me. I have to post them … and wait … and wait … and wait. The theory is if each member of your circle, your base, your followers on various platforms share your message with just one of the members in their circle, base or followers the “reach” of the original message increases exponentially. It’s tedious work. It’s necessary but it is tedious and, by the way, have I told you I hate it?

With all that said, here is some shameless self promotion. My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through is now available on Amazon for pre-release at Amazon as an e-book or paperback. Sam is an expansion of the novella Heaven Shining Through, my first venture into the world of book publishing. Between the two fictional pieces, I published a non-fiction Wisdom From a Father … One Dad’s Thoughts on  Life which was an updated collection of short stories that first appeared on this blog.

Wisdom is still trying to find its way on the Amazon charts. Those who have read it like it. It just hasn’t found its audience yet since it’s not really a devotional, it’s not really a Christian book {although it is based on my Christian faith} and it’s not really religious or spiritual. I personally think it’s worth reading, although I will admit I might be biased.

I’m really excited about Sam. I listened to my reviewers who clamored for more … more depth … more development … more and new details. I turned the novel into a fictional memoir and hope readers will visit with Sam like an old friend over a cup of coffee or tea or a cold drink and sit comfy on the couch or beach as she shares a lifetime  of memories.

All of you in one way or another have kept me focused, sometimes with a well-timed prayer, other times with an encouraging word. I ask for your continued thoughts, words and prayers. After all, the focus of all my books have been providing a platform for God’s light to shine.

Most of you have read my books or followed my blog. I ask you to consider reading this latest work.

Many of you have reviewed or highlighted either Heaven Shining Through or Wisdom From a Father. I ask you to consider reviewing or highlighting the new novel as well. Pre-release PDF copies are available. Just let me know at

Some of you have hosted public or small group presentations. I hope to do that again. If your book club, social club, church fellowship or local bookstore is  looking for a  guest speaker, let me know. If you want to get a small group together over light refreshments at your home, let me know. I hope to focus on New Jersey (northern and shore area in mid-July), Ohio (greater Dayton in late July), upstate New York (Finger Lakes region in early August), and anywhere else in between. I would love to talk to you about the possibilities! Just let me know at

So, that’s my shameless self promotion. Sorry.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. — Charles Spurgeon.

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