The Goodness of God

… the goodness of God … – Psalm 27:13

I would have fainted if I hadn’t seen the goodness of God.

When tragedy strikes where do you go? When a negative situation happens to you, do you question God and ask Him “Why did you let this happen to me?”

The Bible says God is good and can only do good.
That every good and perfect gift comes from God.
That God only has good things in heaven and inside Himself.
There is no evil in Him.
He can not give you something He doesn’t have.

When God is upset with us He doesn’t try to borrow something evil from the devil to put on us.

Yes, everything evil and awful comes from Satan himself. He is the master mind of everything evil and corrupt.

I am sorry a horrible situation happened to you. You wreck your car, you didn’t pass the test, you lost a loved one to a terrible disease … but these things are not from God. This is not the way God works or acts toward the people He loves. Just as you would never give evil to your children, God would never do anything evil to us.

God is good and can only do good. It was the devil who stole your lunch and left you a note saying, “God did it.”

Our Dad, God, is a loving and giving Heavenly Father who can only do good.

Yes, we have all suffered tragedy. It was in the month of May (when all moms are celebrating Mother’s Day) when I had to plan a funeral for my two year old son. His name was Jamie and he was terminally ill. We spent a lot of time in the hospital fighting his sickness but it finally took his little life.

We cried and experience a lot of pain. I remember at my baby’s funeral my husband got up and spoke. He said I only have three words …

“God is good.”

Those words hit me hard. How could he say that? At that moment I wasn’t feeling God’s goodness in my life. But the truth is it doesn’t change the fact God.Is.Good.All.The.Time!

Those words branded me that day: God is good.
Those words changed me.
Every time I faced a hard problem I took hold of those words to get me through.
That truth brought me comfort and victory!

I challenge you to say those words to what are you facing:

A divorce? God is good.
A troubled child? God is good.
Anxiety? God is good.
Depression? God is good.

Say it over and over until it becomes your reality.

I promise you. If you will change your confession, it will change your life!

Please I want to hear from you. What struggle are you facing that you need God’s victory? Let us pray for you! I promise we can help. You do not have to face this difficulty alone.

Tami McKinney is a co-senior pastor with her husband Jerry at the seeded City Church in San Diego, CA. She can be reached at and the church website is

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. — Confucius

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4 Responses to The Goodness of God

  1. I have cancer, but God is good
    and I will sing his glory.
    It’s not vital that I understood
    for my life is not my story.
    My duty here is as a mirror
    to reflect His holy love and grace
    and not to hold some ulterior
    motive to advance my place.
    He works through my hands and voice
    to bring a lost world hope’s true light
    but it truly has to be my choice
    to keep His reflection clear and bright.
    Like the Baptist, I must diminish
    and leave the job for Him to finish.


    • Bruce R. Matthew says:

      Andrew….Sorry to hear you have cancer. For what it’s worth, I’m a cancer survivor myself. I had prostate cancer. Although, it was found early. Stage 2. In my case, this was never considered fatal. I went through the treatment, and came out smelling like a rose. I’ve been in remission for over 11 years now.

      I don’t know how serious your cancer is, but I wish you the best of luck is dealing with your situation.


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