Wedding Witness

I was truly blessed last weekend, watching my grandson Ryan and his now wife Maddi share their vows. A new journey began and I was fortunate to watch it unfold.

As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate those milestone moments — graduations, weddings, births — even more. When it comes to my family’s milestones … wow, the words are indescribable.

The weekend was perfect. I got to visit with my middle son and family on the bookends of the trip. I “roomed”with my oldest son, sharing our lives and plans face-to-face. I spent time with my two daughters and six of my grandchildren and two of my great-granddaughters. Sunday’s breakfast was a non-stop plate of pancakes, bacon and sausage with a houseful of samplers from one to 72 years old and included 11 adults, a half dozen kids and two dogs.

It was a weekend of laughter and joy!

The wedding itself was picture perfect. Maddi looked beautiful in her flowing white gown. Ryan looked handsome in his tuxedo. It’s hard to believe how fast 24 years have flown by. The weather cooperated, despite rain Friday and Sunday. The ceremony was moving with a great Christian wedding message and meaningful music. The reception hall was creatively decorated; the food was tasty; the band was engaging. What a joy it was watching my granddaughter, great-granddaughter and adopted granddaughter taking center stage with their dancing outlasting the millenials. What energy! There was plenty of time for visiting with the newlyweds and others from Ohio I have come to know.

The only tinge of sadness for me is my late wife wasn’t with me to share the weekend. But I know she was there in spirit and with be with the couple throughout their lives since her wedding ring diamond was incorporated into Maddi’s wedding ring.

I’m turning the rest of this post over to my daughter Deanna, mother of the groom. She looked  gorgeous, by the way, and displayed so much of her mother’s grace. Here are some of her thoughts.

“I’ve been asked so many questions about the weekend’s festivities. First, everything was perfect. Seriously. Maddi knows how to throw a party. Every detail was thoughtfully carried out and if you have an event you need help with, you should totally hire her. ⁣

A few people asked me what my favorite part was. It’s hard to answer that because it was all so great. The music was original. The service was unique. Maddi’s dress was elegant. Her girls were stunning. Ryan and the guys were handsome. The reception was beautiful. The cake was scrumptious. The band was unusually good. I could go on and on. When I say it was the perfect day, I am not underscoring that statement. ⁣

I will admit it’s hard being a boy mom — for a plethora of reasons, but it is refreshing to welcome their brides into the family. I really desire to be a mother-in-love and someone the girls don’t roll their eyes at and simply tolerate. My vows to them go something like this:⁣

I vow not to be pushy or nosy. I will trust your judgment and know that you’ll share everything you want to share.⁣

I vow not to show up on your doorstep unannounced. I know how annoying that can be and I will not intrude and will respect your space. ⁣

I vow to support you and to stay out of the middle. I’ll always be here as a listening ear and will offer advice when you want it. I will be your biggest cheerleader along the way, and if I need to have words with the boys, just give me the sign… ⁣

I vow not to tell you how you should do things. My way isn’t the only way. We can learn from each other.⁣

But most importantly, I vow to pray for you every day. I prayed for you before you even met my son. Why would I stop now? ⁣

I’m so blessed God chose two wonderful women to marry my guys and I am excited to see how He moves in their lives.⁣”

All I can add is — Amen!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.


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9 Responses to Wedding Witness

  1. Ruthie says:

    Yes and amen to mother in love vows.
    Especially “I’ve prayed for you before you even met my son, why would I stop now?”
    My heart swells in joy for you and this post.


  2. We got married in a Huey
    high above the Vegas strip,
    flown by a Corps second louie
    on his first night-time trip.
    A priest was there with dispensation
    from the bishop, who was amused
    and we achieved the married station
    with gunner and crew chief, both confused.
    But they played the game quite well
    and really did their best
    because my wife, she did look swell,
    in her black-lace wedding dress.
    To each their own, or so they say,
    and we’re married to this day.

    A Huey is a UH-1 helicopter, and second louie is a second lieutenant.

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  3. I need to share the mother in law part!!! I need a certain someone to read it. 😜 Congrats and I’m so happy you had this time!


  4. I have a lovely mom-in-love myself. it’s a most excellent thing.


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