I should have known better.

I watched the William Barr testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday (May 1) and the non-testimony before the House Judiciary Committee today (May 2). Not one opinion was changed.

So, my apologies to my Democratic friends for their perception of alleged stonewalling. My apologies to my Republican friends for their perception o f the vicious attacks. Most of all, my apologies to all Americans who, once again, were not served by the legislators in Washington who appear to be more interested in self partisan rhetoric than legislating.

I was really appalled by the Democratic questions Wednesday, especially Maizie Hirono (D-HI), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Kamala Harris (D-CA). Hirono was downright rude, yet demanded respect from Barr. Blumenthal, who sometimes has had issues with the truth, was somewhat hypocritical. Harris was her own self-serving self, wanting answers without giving an opportunity to answer, especially when they didn’t fit her narrative.

Of course, the Republicans aren’t off the hook. They too tried to shift the narrative puffing Barr up and tearing their colleagues across the aisle down.

The point that was totally missed is Barr is a well-versed, experienced, attorney. He knows legalese. He knows what to say and when to say it. He knows the difference between a well chosen word or phrase and absolute truth. He played the Senate committee and he has dared the House committee in their game of Chicken.

I’m sorry, America. We wasted millions of dollars, invested countless hours from a stable of not-so-Trump friendly attorneys, disrupted the legislative and executive process of governing. And not one opinion was changed. The Trump haters still hate. The Trump supporters still support. The swamp still stinks.

I’m all for transparency. I’m all for oversight. But I am dead set against this partisan sniping. For the sake of this country, it has to stop. And people wonder why Congressional job improvement is a scant 23% — actual 22.8% average. I personally think that might be generous.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You are a remarkable gift to this world. What you bring to it is something only you can bring. Don’t ever think you have nothing to offer. You have everything because you are everything God planned for you to be. — Bob Perks

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11 Responses to Soapbox

  1. From the wings the new ones enter,
    and we see some now depart.
    Stage right and left, but not on center
    stage to play one’s part.
    Their rage and roaring bluster
    with aspirations to the mighty
    passes not decency’s muster,
    and they remain pagliacci.
    Where might be our Cincinnatus?
    Is he listening does he hear?
    Can a calm man still the fractious
    toddlers in their tantrum gear?
    I turn away with heartfelt yawn
    as the Great Game meanders on.

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  2. Jim Matthews says:

    No wonder why Trump has support, obvious people do not want same old stuff.
    Hoping for a new slate , drain the swamp has a nice appeal.

    Before the election , I spoke to many people. Etnhic folks from all divisions of Americans.
    In the private sector I noticed a groundswell of conservatism. Including my orthodox brothers in Brooklyn, NY. For business to prosper and our country to grow we need free markets.
    So, I saw many old school democrats tired of the same old jet setters.
    Liberal, independent, conservative, etc.

    National Day of Prayer Joe…. Brother of Don Bosco…… You have made me think , I a Jersey kid perhaps I will retire in Maine…… Go against the grain, I hate the heat…. Sunny 75 or so today


    • I am so happy I not longer work in Washington. It was a swamp and it hasn’t gotten any better. I believe Trump was elected solely because he was NOT mired in the Washington muck (he made have had his own muck but it wasn’t Washington). That’s why he is reviled by both establishment Democrats and Republicans. It’s a balmy 53 here in Maine my friend.


  3. Thank you. Thank you aga


  4. Bruce R. Matthew says:

    In some ways, I’m kind of old fashioned. I’m basically an honest and straight forward kind of person. I detest politics and politicians. I’m not comfortable looking someone in the eye, and lying to them. The way politicians of different persuasions rail at each other. They all play the divide and conquer game, and they play the blame game. Many people in general are quick to jump on the bandwagon, and choose to take sides. Unfortunately, many people are followers.

    In some ways, I’m a free spirit. Right, wrong, or indifferent, I will not conform for the sake of conformity. Perhaps because I’m of Scots-Irish descent, but I’m fiercely independent.

    Jesus asked us not to become conformed to the ways of the world, and I understand his reasoning. Some people think they can change the world, but they end up being corrupted by the system, and then become part of the system. If someone gets down into the mud with the hogs, what do they end with all over them ? Mud.


    • Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of the mud.


      • Bruce R. Matthew says:

        Nice thought Joe, but we can’t change human nature. It’s been said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money and power go hand in hand. Even if someone is well intended, and has a desire to change what they believe is wrong, they will end up being swallowed up by the “system”, and then, they become part of the problem.



      • Just thinking positively … but you’re right.


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