Dollars and Cents

First light this morning was at 5:02. Ironically, it was also the time I opened my peepers for the day.

That coincidence was actually apropos for the day. First light of new book is here. Tomorrow it goes out for beta read, keeping me on track for a summer release.

The book has a working title — My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through — although that might change between now and June. It remains an extension of the original novella, Heaven Shining Through {hence the reference in the working title}, but with a new beginning, additional character development and a new ending that ironically flashed in my mind during the wee hours of a winter’s morn. I’m starting to get excited!

That being said, the dollars and cents of publishing — even self publishing — are there. It does cost some real money for the infrastructure of writing which includes more than just the physical printing costs. For a book — any book — to have any chance of success, it needs promotion and it needs reviewers. {If you’ve read Heaven Shining Through or Wisdom From a Father and haven’t posted a review, now is a good time — even if you didn’t like it [the horror].}

I was fortunate to launch both books with launch parties — Heaven Shining Through here in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, and Wisdom From a Father in Fayette, NY. And I was able to go on a mini tour at libraries in Maine and New York. It takes some folding cash to make those happen.

In the grand scheme of things, my goal is to launch Sam at a local gathering, but to immediately take it on the road. A good chunk of the story takes place in northern New Jersey so that would be another destination. My research has connected me with people in the Dayton, OH, area. I would like to meet them in person. My work experience has been in New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, DC, and New York, so they would be logical stops as well. It takes more than a little folding cash to make that happen — a little {lot} more than the meager current royalties clear.

For that reason, I have hastily launched a Fundly campaign, It’s been established, but needs to be updated to make it more attractive to potential donors. I hate asking for money, but unfortunately, publishing is a business and funding is a necessary evil.

In addition, I have partnered with DaySpring, . I chose DaySpring because I believe in its products. Karen, in fact, had an account with them for quality cards and gifts. Hint. Hint. Mother’s Day is coming!

I’m not pushing DaySpring, but if you’re looking for Christian-themed gifts, it’s a good place to start. As I become more business savvy, I’ll be adding permanent links.

I would much rather have my words sell themselves. To an extent, they do but they must have a wider audience. The mercenary side of me, then, is asking you to share, share, share. Share the posts. Share the message. Share the Love.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: If we look for an excuse we will always find one. — Mark Batterson, All In

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