Rose Colored Christmas

I just finished reading Rose Colored Christmas by Mary L. Ball. As “THE END” flashed on my computer screen,  I had to blink my eyes and scan toward the television. It was almost as if I had just seen a Hallmark movie.

Mary did a good job weaving a tale of how faith shown leads to faith found.

The three lead characters are Emilee, a young widow still attached to her late husband Ricky; Jan, Ricky’s mom and Emilee’s mother-in-law; and a mysterious pilot, Gabe, who crashed into their lives. Emilee and Jan are God-fearing women who are not afraid to show their faith. Gabe is more carefree and gave up faith a long time ago after his grandparents died.

The plot is set in the mountains of North Carolina — a place Mary calls home — during a December snowstorm that strands the three for a few days. Gabe literally crashed the party with Emilee braving the blizzard-whipped snow to pull him out of his burning plane. Together Jan and Emilee mend Gabe’s superficial injuries … and start working on his heart.

Without giving away too much — think Hallmark — Emilee must come to grips with her grief and attraction to Gabe; Jan must come to grips with moving closer to town; and Gabe must come to grips with his attraction to Emilee and overcoming his jaded view of life, especially during this Christmas season.

There were a few times when the dialogue seemed a little superficial and forced {preachy} and a couple of technical issues with formatting, but overall, this was a heart-warming short story — 107 pages — just in time for the Christmas season! I would say it’s worth the read.

Mary did provide me a copy of the book for an honest review.

Mary L. Ball is a multi-published Christian author {I counted 18}. Some of her novels include Thanksgiving Secret and Sunny’s Dream, book 1 and Luna’s Treasure, book 2, part of the Celestial Investigation series.  When she isn’t working on her latest story, she enjoys fishing, reading, and ministering in song with her husband at various functions.

You can visit Mary at;;; or her singing ministry at

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4 Responses to Rose Colored Christmas

  1. Looks like an interesting book, especially since I’ve been a pilot since I was sixteen (and the house is littered with aeroplane parts to this day…I build ’em).

    Interrogative – would you be interested in having a look at my short book ‘PTSD And The Holidays’ for a possible review?


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