Five Minute Friday — Surrender

Here’s this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. You might remember the task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word. Then, post and encourage others who have braved the exercise by linking up at Kate’s spot on Facebook at That’s the fun part!

To entice you to check us out, I’ve also been sharing some of the experiences my fellow writers have shared as chronicled in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. This week, I hope Vittoria’s words inspire you to join our writing club.

“I have always loved the art of writing although I have struggled to believe in my writing ability. I never felt it was good enough. After deciding to face my fears, I created a blog and to no avail, the words simply wouldn’t come. I needed encouragement. That is when I found the Five Minute Friday community. Two things I adoure about this community. Not worrying whether my writing is good enough. I’m able to share my heart without the weight of perfection. I also enjoy meeting other amazing writers. I’ve been able to share in other’s sadness, joys, success and I’ve even been encouraged to write more. I’m thankful for this community. I may have given up writing had I not taken “five minutes” to step outside my comfort zone.”

So, the timer is set for five. The word for the week this week is SURRENDER… so here goes. {clock starts now}

There are two Christian buzzwords that make me cringe. One is “WWJD”. The other is “surrender yourself to the Lord.”

There is something about surrender that just doesn’t resonate with me. It’s giving up. It admitting defeat. It’s a negative word.

I know. I know. That’s not the intent. But that’s what non-believers think when they hear that particular platitude. What does that mean?

Truth is, at least in my mind, I was created by God to live MY live. Sure, I know I’ve taken more wrong turns along the way, but it is the life God chose for me. And He walks right beside me every wayward step of the way. The trick is to live that life to the fullest — not in surrender to the Lord but in concert with Him.

We don’t have to “surrender” our individuality. We have to transform it so our individual actions reflect the Light that leads us.

I don’t think God created us to give up. I don’t think He wants us to live defeated or in submission. He is positive and wants to be recognized positively.

And, by the way, I have no idea what Jesus would do in my shoes. I can take an educated guess, but that’s all it …STOP

… can really be. A guess.

Let’s transform ourselves this week. But, never, never ever surrender.

That’s what popped into the noggin today.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: If you want someone to listen more closely, whisper.

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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Surrender

  1. Carol says:

    Your post is stimulating and encouraging. I dislike buzzwords and platitudes also. The place that i have found surrender has been in prayer. Praying over difficult issues, lifting my requests and wounds to the Lord has directed me in situations to give up my expectations, a surrender to his will. Then I experience the joy of a deepening relationship with the Lord.


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