Five Minute Friday — Intentional

Welcome to Five Minute Friday. The task is to write for five minutes on a specific prompt word from your mind and heart. Then, post and encourage others who have braved the exercise by linking up at Kate’s spot on Facebook at That’s the fun part!

To entice you to check us out, I’ve also been sharing some of the experiences my fellow writers have shared as chronicled in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. This week, I hope Gaby’s words inspire you to join our writing club.

“What I loved the most about FMF is that, even when my week was so crazy that I could not take time to write, I knew that on Friday I could devote just five minutes to put something out that would allow me to connect with other women {and men} who may have lives just as crazy as mine. It was something to look forward to each week and I could not wait for the prompt. It was amazing how often the prompt would be exactly what  I needed to write about that week to give me perspective and to center me. And reading other women’s {and men’s} takes on the same prompt helped me to see how God was working differently yet just as faithfully in other people’s lives.”

So, the timer is set for five minutes . The word for the week this week is INTENTIONAL … so here goes. {clock starts now}

When I first thought about the prompt, I mused, “Not me.” I react. I don’t generally do things intentionally.

Then I thought about it a little more. Yes, I am spontaneous. Yes, I do react. Yes, I do procrastinate {it’s amazing this is on Friday}. But I also have some routines I follow … intentionally. The procrastination bug may delay responses sometimes, but if I don’t do my “thing” daily and weekly, I’m at a loss.

I intentionally message my family each morning with a “Good Morning” to let them know I made it to another day and kick off a conversation for the day.

I intentionally make a pot of coffee I nurse throughout the day.

I intentionally spend time reading and studying the Bible. Hopefully, I get something out of the respective passage to carry me through the day. At worse, it tempers my attitude to look forward with confidence.

I intentionally share some words of encouragement with my Facebook friends, usually using a point I gleaned from Ron Hutchcraft or the amazing contributors to Five Minute Friday: A Collection of … STOP

Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat.

I intentionally post a visual thought for the day, additional words of encouragement and a whimsical look at the “Celebration of the Day”.

I intentionally send an inspirational quote and graphic to family and friends, sometime whimsical and sometimes more motivational.

Each week, I intentionally share some words for the week, forcing me to remember my friends and family in intentional prayer.

Each week, I share some midweek mirth to keep things light.

Each week, I peck away for five minutes {or so} on my Five  Minute Friday assignment.

Yeah. Looking back, I might be more intentional than even I thought.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: It takes years to become an overnight success.

About wisdomfromafather

I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Intentional

  1. Love it. Sounds like me. I do many things in a day and they do have a purpose. I’ve tried schedules but find that if I pick 5 things to do I usually get them done even with interruptions which are frequent.
    #68 because of those distractions


  2. I think we all do things intentionally more than we know. It becomes a habit or routine. Sounds like you have a few good ones. #24 this week.


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