Is It Nap Time?

Last night, I slept like a rock … until just after 4 this morning. Now, waking up in the middle night is not unusual. However, I generally go back to bed and within minutes, I’m back in la-la land.

Not this morning.

I remember waking up after a dream {again not unusual} where I was an active participant {somewhat unusual}. I don’t remember the specifics but it must have woken up my mental neurons as well. They wouldn’t stop rattling around in my brain. Even the soothing music for sleeping track failed at its job.

I “watched” the daylight rise through closed but not sleepy eyes. My mind started wandering. I heard another day coming to life — like the redemption center loading its recyclables from across the river, traffic steadily increasing, even a stray ambulance wail. As I tossed and turned, I checked on pesky Pete {Angelina} who almost always wakes up — and wakes me up — at dawn’s early light. She was curled in a little ball at the foot of the bed.

My mind started racing as well, with important topics like why there are pigeons in sleepy {except for me} Dover-Foxcroft … why the president is being attacked for stating the obvious, both sides can share some blame in Charlottesville {I guess that makes me a racist, but you don’t “peacefully” protest with bats and flame-throwers} … why we can’t hate the sin and love the sinner … why we’re not talking anymore but espousing an “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality. Then I started mentally “writing” at least three different blogs and crafting a response for a business plan my eldest is proposing. Finally, around 6:30, Angelina decided it was time to get up.

As I was walking Angelina it struck me this wasn’t the first time I couldn’t get back to sleep. It’s happened the past two Thursdays as well. Last week, I headed for the computer to catch up on things, took Angelina out and went back to bed.

But it’s strange. In my previous working life, Tuesday was production night, often stretching into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Wednesday night, however, meant early to bed and a full night’s sleep. Now that I’m retired, there is no production night. I generally get to bed about the same time each night. I don’t need a “catch up” night.

Only problem is my mind never got the memo.

Is it nap time yet?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: My job as a disciple of Jesus isn’t to figure out some cosmic jigsaw puzzle called God’s Will. My job is to get good at listening to and responding to my Shepherd’s voice; to be a God’s Will person.

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