Five Minute Friday — Define

Friday. Time for Five Minute Friday. Yeah, I know. Friday.

But I do look forward to the writing exercise, meeting with my FMF friends to ponder, put down and share a word prompt with them. Thanks to Kate Motaung for hosting this party at

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know how much value FMF has for me. I’ve asked you to join in [you really, really should]. It’s quick. It’s easy {okay, sometimes not always}. It’s challenging. And it’s oh so rewarding. But don’t take my word for it. Here is what Mandy has to say, taken from snippets in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Don’t listen to me. Listen to her.

“I never felt I was much of a writer. My writings from my college composition class was proof of that. And while I learned a lot in that class I still was not confident about my writing. But recently God has been pushing me to write. I, like Moses, resisted. “I can’t write so good, God.” But He saying, “I’ll give you the words to say.” Then I started seeing these Five Minute Fridays popping up. I thought maybe this would be a way to get started. There was no pressure. No editing. So I decided to try it. The first time, I didn’t get much down in 5 minutes. And certainly not anything worthwhile to say. But each time I tried, I did  a little better. Then the words started coming from somewhere else (God, obviously). In September. I saw the challenge to write every day in October. God said it was time. He said I had something to say about living with pain. So I took the challenge. The words flowed quite easily and it was actually good therapy for me. The added bonus was all the encouragement from other writers who read my post. The five minute challenge has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and built my confidence to do what God is calling me to do.”

Convinced it’s your time yet?

This week’s prompt is DEFINE. My brain retreated introspectively because, well, I’m in an introspective mood. The timer is set, so I guess it’s time to GO …

How would you define yourself? What words would you choose to capture who you are — inside and out?

Now, be careful. Don’t give me a description. That’s a little bit different. That’s the “what” of your life, not the “who”.

I’ll be honest, it’s easier to describe who I am rather than define myself. I trust the same is true with you.

I mean, I am the father of five with 18 grandchildren and two great-great-granddaughters. I shared 40 years with a loving and supportive wife, who taught me so many lessons of life and love. I work hard in a career I initially didn’t plan on but which has led me on a 50-plus journey to five states. I’m just an ordinary guy who loves life and travel and seeks out the little things. I try to be there for people, personally and professionally. I enjoy a good laugh, often at my own expense. And I love to count my blessings! I would say I look at the glass of life as half full.

That’s what I am. That’s the description of me.

When it comes to defining me, however, I am at more of a loss for words {me??}. We’re complex. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the inner you and me … the definition of who you were, who you are  and who you want to be.

And it is fluid. While on the surface it appears to change day by day, the core values remains the same.

I’m going to try to define myself, although I’m pretty sure I will fall flat on my proverbial face.

I am an inward-seeking soul blessed by the grace of God. I’m not interested in flash or glitter or gold. I accept who I am and live within those parameters. I am sensitive … STOP

… (although that is more of a descriptive word) and bear most things in my heart. I’ve made mistakes along the way {too many to count} but each setback helped define me a little bit more.

To bring it all together in a sentence, the essence of me is … me, warts and all. While my history may have helped shape and describe me, the me — the real me — was defined by a loving God. I just have to try to live up to the expectation.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: How easy it is to become so preoccupied with our own agenda and fail to give our loved ones the attention they need and deserve.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Define

  1. Great words. Yes, fluid is a good word for describing onesself. I am never completely who I think myself to be from one day to the next. Moods, thoughts, conditions all seem to influence me. Sometimes I’m just all over the place. What God says I am; well, that is what really matters. Have a blessed week. # 61 this week.


  2. Nichole says:

    You have a led a fascinating life! I absolutely love your ending “–the real me— was defined by a loving God. I just have to try to live up to the expectation.” It’s the “living up to His expectation” that we ultimately strive for every day! Love this post. So glad I found you on FMF!


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