Five Minute Friday — Control

  • I’m here … ready to rock and write. I know, you say its Five Minute Friday. I shrug my shoulders and say do you know me?

I actually did have good intentions of getting this written Friday. But as you’ll see in the post there were some extenuating circumstance that pushed my five minute assignment from Friday and well into Saturday.

That’s what I love about Five Minute Friday. There are very few rules to deal with … just five minutes of focused writing, then sharing at Kate’s  place ( That’s where the fun really begins as we read each others’ posts and critique the words (with a gentle heart).

If you get the chance, do visit. Or better yet, try your fingers at it.

This week’s prompt is CONTROL. The timer has been set, so let’s GO…

There is an old saw. I’ve probably used it along the way. If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Sometimes, it’s a little sniffle that trips us up. Other times it is a misstep. Always it is God telling us He in control … not us.

This was supposed to be an easy, peaceful week in Maine. Annnt. It’s been anything but.

First the sniffle … which morphed into a persistent cough which kept me awake … almost all week. When I finally got a cough suppressant from the doctor, and followed her advice to keep hydrated by drinking gallons of water, you guessed it, instead of not being able to sleep I was awakened because I had to pee. Still not a restful week — although I’m finally on the mend (I think) with more phlegm coming up than going down.

Then there is the misstep. As most of you know I have a Dell, dual gerbil drive computer. The … STOP

… latest sidetrack is it suddenly stopped communicating with the battery. No, actually, it doesn’t even recognize there IS a battery.

That’s not a big deal as long as I’m connected to an AC power source. But it is a laptop. Do you know how many times I accidentally jigged, jagged or tugged at the power cord? Screen goes black. Fortunately it does re-boot — but there is this lag from where I was and where I am.

There are those who say why don’t you get a new computer. And that’s a good idea EXCEPT I didn’t expect I would still be working on my weekly newspaper. I would have to update all my programs to the 21st century … publishing, kaching … graphics, kaching …mail list, kaching …financials, kaching, kaching, kaching … Since I believe the Man Upstairs will deliver — eventually — I’m not sure it’s worth the investment.

I would have thought I would have transitioned into full retirement by now. What was that sound? Oh, I’ve heard it before. It’s God laughing.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: If God did it for you once, He will do it for you again. He will protect you in the storm and guide you and bless you.

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