Donald Trump et al

I don’t usually like to post about politics. But I am going to make an exception today, primarily on the Republican Party, but politics on both sides of the aisle this election cycle.

There is an ugly mood out there. People are getting frustrated with the ineffectiveness of politicians, not only in Washington but in our states, counties and communities as well. Too many have made a career of politics … which means it is their bread and butter, their income — and it doesn’t matter if they have to take bread and butter from their constituents to feather their nest.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have gone counter-political culture and caught the “establishment” off guard. It’s no wonder the “establishment” is fighting back. It wants to keep things status quo. It wants to keep power. It wants to keep control. And it’s both parties, who have seemed to forget political service means they work for the people. The people are the bosses. The people are the ones who should be in control.

Trump and Sanders have reminded Americans of that. And they both have been attacked mercilessly by the “establishment” and — in many cases — the so-called elite media which seems to know more about issues than anyone, including the politicians.

I’m not a Sanders fan. His views — while they sound good — would, in my humble opinion, destroy America. But he is an outsider — an Independent who typically sides with and caucuses with the Democrats — to a Clinton-dominated Democratic Party. That’s why he is gaining traction, despite virtually being unelectable by the Democrats.

Which brings us to a very divided GOP. The message there is also very clear. Despite somewhat gruff comments, plenty of missteps associated with non-establishment protocol, a penchant for the spotlight and a “take no prisoners” attitude, Trump has captured the attention of the vast unwashed American. He says what many think in their heart of hearts. He appeals to the pickup driver with a gun rack over the back window; the suburban mother in her minivan shuttling kids hither and fro and constantly wondering how she will be able juggle a home, family and career; the blue collar worker with two and maybe even three jobs just to make ends meet; the young who do not see a future; the urban family who worries whether their child will come home from school alive; the senior whose Social Security doesn’t stretch far enough; law enforcement who are being called on for more dangerous work than ever; all who are afraid the next bombing might be in their neighborhood. He may not say the “right” things but he speaks from his heart, not a political script.

The establishment better take heed of that. Instead of going all out to “Stop Trump” it should be looking at ways of bringing that energy into the party. And, by the way, that goes for the Dems as well. Thus far, with 15 state voters still to have their say, including five in the populated Northeast, Wisconsin, Indiana and California, Trump has captured the attention of 7,823,618 hearts and Sanders 6,419,644. That’s over 14 million voters who will be disenfranchised come November if party politics rule in Cleveland and Philadelphia. Where those 14 million plus will go is the question. Will they go to the party standardbearer? Switch parties? Just stay home? Or revolt?

We just don’t know. This year’s election cycle is uncharted water.

As full disclosure, I do not have a party affiliation, although I generally side more with Republican values. I haven’t been a big Trump supporter. I actually thought Mike Huckabee was the cream of the Republican crop, not only this year, but back in 2012 as well. He never gained traction, however, and quickly exited a very crowded race.

But Trump is starting to convert me … or, rather, the GOP leadership have pushed me toward him. I do not want business as usual in Washington. I want to see change  — not just the lip service promised by Barack Obama four and eight years ago. {I did not vote him either time.} For far too long, we’ve left it up to the politicians.

With that being said, here is an open letter to Donald Trump:

Dear Mr. Trump:

As we move forward, this is what I would like to see in your candidacy.

Tell me how you’re going to make America great. It’s a great catchphrase, but I want to be assured you will bring your business acumen into the White House. I want to know who would surround yourself with. Who will be your advisors? I don’t need specific names, but I want to know you will bring in the greatest economic minds to address economic issues; the greatest doctors and health officials to address alternatives to Obamacare; the greatest military minds to advise on military matters; the greatest minds in education to address the future educational needs of our country; the greatest peacemakers to quiet the racial biases in the country; the greatest diplomatic minds to forge a strategic and workable foreign policy; the greatest constitutional minds to bring us back under constitutional guidelines; the greatest jurists the country has to offer to advise on judicial issues, including Supreme Court nominations; the greatest scientific minds to advise on environmental and technological matters.

I need to know you are making decisions based on input received from your advisors. I believe that’s the approach you’ve taken in your professional life. I need you to articulate that to me and other voters. I need you to assure me you’re not making decisions unilaterally and on the fly. I want to know the thought process you go through when making a decision.

I don’t mind a setback or even a failure if you’re honest about it. Tell us (the country) how your thinking evolves. How do you make a decision? Don’t be afraid to say “I’m sorry” or “I don’t know, but I’m working in it.”

I want you to forget about the spotlight and be yourself. It appears there are two Donald Trumps — the one who flaunts his tail feathers in front of cameras and the other who makes reasoned decisions and is more relaxed off camera. The latter is the side of Donald Trump I want to see.

I want to see you make alliances. Personally, I think John Kasich has a lot of experience. Unfortunately, he thinks he is remaining in the primary cycle to reach the convention floor. I think he will be in for a rude awakening. As soon as the establishment is done using him, he, too, will probably be discarded by the party. That’s sad. I would like to see you work with Kasich before Cleveland. No promises, but work the deal you are so proud of to bring him on board.

I want you to tell women how much you value them. I want you to convince them neither you nor the Republicans “hate them.” I want you to point out the inclusion of strong women in your administration and in the party. I want women to trust you … and only you can convince them.

I want you to point out radical conservatism is no better than radical liberalism. You are never going to be supported by the right right or the left left. I want you to appeal to the vast centrist majority in this country.  We may be right leaning or left leaning, but I think we have common sense. That’s the message I want to hear.

Don’t fall for the “gotcha” questions. Avoid hypothetical questions like the plague.

I want you to succeed. Because I want to see America succeed.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Anyone can be a winner unless, of course, there’s a second entry.

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