Five Minute Friday — Decide

I suppose, since the day is staring to wane, I should get focused on the task at hand — Five Minute Friday, on Saturday, of course. The exercise is a way for well over a 100 of us to reach into the recesses of our minds and translate thoughts through our fingers onto a screen. With the push of a button, those thoughts — for better or worse — are connected through a link at Kate’s place [ for all to share.

Over the years, as we ponder the prompt word and let the neurons get busy, we often have to decide which direction we want to go. Or, sometimes, we just let the neurons decide. After the five minutes we just look back at what we wrote and just say, “Huh”! Or “Did I think that?” Or “Not bad.” That’s when our friends and fellow writers get to decide. And, you, too. Visit Kate’s place to find out what others are saying and writing and weigh in.

At any rate, the prompt this week is DECIDE. I have the timer set at five minutes, so shall we GO and see what the neurons have to say today …

It was often a dialogue in our house, especially after our nest started to dwindle. The conversation went something like this …

Karen: “What do you want for dinner tonight?”
Me: “It doesn’t matter, Whatever you feel like making.”

Karen: “Well, are you in the mood for pasta, or beef or chicken?”
Me: “I don’t know. It’s eight o’clock in the morning. I don’t know what I will want tonight.”

Karen: “Well, you have to decide something! I have to prepare it!”
Me: “Sweetheart, I’m not particularly in the mood for anything special. I know whatever you make, it will be great.”
Karen: “Why can’t you just make a decision!”

Of course, that’s a two-way street. As the weekend approached, I would often ask my beloved what she wanted to do over the weekend. The conversation would go something like this…

Me, “What do you want to do this weekend?”
Karen: “I don’t know. Haven’t thought about it.”
Me: “Well, do you want to go out to dinner and a movie?”
Karen: “Maybe. Depends on where we go {replay previous conversation with both of us playing the it doesn’t matter card} .. STOP

… Me: “We probably should make some plans.”
Karen: “Why? We never do. We just do.”
Me: “You have a point.”

Decisions. They can be hard. I can’t speak for my wife, but I know when I said “it didn’t matter,” it had the unspoken tag, “I just want to be with you.” I’m kind of thinking her mind wandered in the same direction.

To be honest, I don’t like making decisions … not for myself and certainly not for others. It sometimes gets cumbersome when you make decisions or plans and they, well, don’t quite live up to the expectation.

Most decisions in life are trivial. What’s for dinner {I still struggle with that one} and how should I entertain myself {I still struggle with that one} fall into decisions in that category. Others are life-changing. Should I move 500 miles away from everyone {been there, done that … although it took me seven years to finally pull the trigger}. Should I have that donut or make some kale {no brainer}. Should I start taking care of myself physically {I’m getting better, donuts notwithstanding}.

But the most important decision is everlasting. After our heart beats for the last time, where will I spend my eternity? I’ve already made that decision. I hope you have too.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: It’s called “take home” pay because you can’t afford to go anywhere else with it.

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2 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Decide

  1. Joy Lenton says:

    Hi. With these words: “But the most important decision is everlasting” you have coined my focus for the FMF prompt. I loved the way you describe conversations with your wife. Ours take a similar line. It must be something to do with the familiarity and routine of married life! I enjoyed your post. Blessed to be your neighbour at the #FMF link up. PS: My words were also written on Saturday. 🙂


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