In the Blink of an Eye .– Inside the Beltway 1

So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up … Galatians 6:9

Washington, DC … a great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

That just about sums up our experience in the nation’s capital. There wasn’t much memorable about the three years we spent there from 1992-94. We never really got settled in.

Perhaps the reason was we were renting and did not own a home there. Psychologically, both Mom and I felt we took a step back rather than a step forward.

zack & ryanIt was evident from the first visit to Washington. It was enlightening and disheartening. Here’s what Mom recorded in her journal:

We were having someone look at the house at 4 p.m. and a plane to catch at 7:30. I cleaned all day and lit the potpourri so all smelled good. At 3:30 they called and cancelled till Monday! …[we] got into DC around 11:10 and stood and waited for the National shuttle bus for a half hour. Then they told us there were no more cars and we’d have to wait 45 minutes to get one! The first hotel we stopped at was the wrong one. By the time we got into our room it was 12:50 a.m.

Saturday we went to the realtor’s. She was talking about $150-200,000 for a house. I left totally depressed and just wanted to cry. We went to Crystal City Mall and the shops were all closed.

showoffSunday we ventured out on our own. Saw some new homes in Virginia. Only $247,600!

So, off to the airport again. We dropped off the car and waited for the shuttle. Discovered the Italian olives we were bringing back had broken and oil and vinegar was all over the bag. So we stood there and ate them.

The transition was, to say the least, stressful. After a few months on the market, we received an offer which we accepted. It turned out the guy gave the deposit with a check on a closed account. In early January 1992, she wrote, “I’m tired of having to say goodbye. The kids are having a rough time. I just want it to end.” It wasn’t until June when the “shuttle marriage” ended and we were reunited again.

And once again, her faith, although flickering, held her together. “I need to begin to remember all I have to be grateful for. I have a beautiful family, a handsome grandson (Zack), a husband who really does love me despite my moods and feelings. At least I am able to see Joe once in awhile. It’s better than not at all.”

weddingDuring this transition, Dee and Mike were married (and Mom and Mike’s Mom wore almost identical dresses) and Nicolle had an appendectomy a week before. Mom had to delay the organist because Scott took Jonathan to McDonald’s. Mom’s take on the day, “Jonathan looked so handsome, so did Joe and Cole looked so grown up. Joe cried when he gave her [Dee] away and Cole and Dee cried when they hugged during ‘peace.’ ”

Then, in a way only Mom could, she added, “Poor Joe drove home three weeks in a row.” As if I wouldn’t have driven home every night.

To be continued…

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Trying to force life to unfold faster than it is meant to is futile. Call forth your patience, and let it move at its own pace.

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