Five Minute Friday — Wait

It’s Friday, so you know what that means. Five Minute Friday hostess Kate Motaung summed up this weekly writing experience nicely.

“Here’s the deal. For over four years, bunches of bloggers have gathered every week to huddle around a prompt word and just write. It’s called Five Minute Friday, and we don’t think about the ins and outs of grammar or spelling or punctuation. We just write.”

Well, it isn’t always that simple. We have to clear our mind and focus on that prompt word … plant it, so to speak, and let that seed germinate into a thought, then two and eventually blossoms of mental thoughts that grow through our nimble fingers into a bloom of — hopefully — coherent words that transform a blank screen into a vibrant garden.

And we all have our own way and creating this garden. Some hear the word and spit out five minutes worth of thought. Others are more deliberate … gently placing the seed and nurturing it for a period of time. I, for example, usually do just that. I check out the word on Thursday night, sleep on it, get through my day job and other scheduled activities and come up with a direction I wish to go … a back yard garden … a greenhouse garden … a patio garden … or sometimes, just scattered blooms hopefully brightening the drab dirt and concrete.

So, with that prelude, today’s prompt is WAIT. The timer is set and off we GO

I don’t usually have a hard time waiting. In fact, there are those who say my delay in action is more akin to procrastination. And the truth is, it is probably both.

I don’t like to make snap decisions. I tend to weigh thoughts, check resources, mull over consequences. I wait.

I wait for that little voice inside my head to say I’m on the right track or did I carefully consider this or that.

I wait for some clarity between my thoughts and actions. I mentally calculate the pros and cons. And I’ve learned very little in this life is black or white, but loaded with a palate of not only grays but vibrant colors as well.

Yes, some call it procrastination, because in the end, I’m usually up against a deadline when I make that final decision.

But I’m willing to take the time to listen to that voice, not because it’s a gremlin in my head, but because it is my unique Spirit — given … STOP

… from above.

I’ve probably missed some opportunities — no, I have missed some opportunities because of this penchant to wait. But always — always — in retrospect I discover that Spirit kept me from taking the wrong path or making the wrong decision. And the converse is true. When I haven’t waited — haven’t listened to that Spirit — I discover myself backtracking to get off the wrong path.

Well, that’s what blossomed in my mind this week. But if you really want to “see” some vibrant gardens, head on over to Kate’s place ( There are hundreds of kindred spirits there ready, willing and able to share their bouquets.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The purpose of studying the Bible isn’t just to know the Bible. It’s to do it. It’s to be changed by it.

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7 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Wait

  1. Jenmarie says:

    ” I wait for some clarity between my thoughts and actions” – Such good advice! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this topic!


  2. TamrahJo says:

    I so appreciate this post – I, too, am accused of procrastination, but I fully agree with your assessment (of course, because it so echoes my own internal thoughts on the matter! 🙂

    Though I am of Christian upbringing and more knowledgeable of scripture than other spiritual works, I read this and was reminded of a long ago read tenet of Taoism, which I had to look up to find quote for what I remember :):

    “Wu Wei, Non-action, is one of the most famous Taoist concepts, repeatedly pointed out in Tao Te Ching, the great Taoist classic. We should not hurry to action, since most things in the world take care of themselves if left alone. And when we act, we should do so cautiously, or we might destroy more than we solve.”

    If I am not sure what action must be taken – if I have no clear indication that my desires are for greater good and not a surrender to the baser nature that inhabits all humans, I’ve found that ‘not doing anything’ for a time can greatly reduce the strife/complexity of life – –

    And yet, your post called to me and I immediately took action to comment – – 🙂

    As always, wonderful post!


  3. April "Gemmy" Boyer says:

    Good advice, and great exercise in patience. I recommend a book by Debbonaire Kovacs called Gardens of the Soul- for a look at how to walk closely, and quietly with God (in the deep riches of our souls) and listen. Thanks


    • Thanks. I’ll check out the book.


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