I need a little help.

Have you noticed how many selfies there are out there?

I have, especially as I’ve meandered around Facebook. There is the “I’m just getting up” selfie. The now that I combed my hair selfie {as if you can tell the difference}. Me with my breakfast selfie. Me making lunch selfie. Me and my bestie selfie. Me and my other bestie selfie. Me and my other, other bestie selfie {how many besties are you allowed?}. My happy selfie. My sad selfie. My angry selfie. Just my selfie because I’m cute. My selfie at dinner. My bedtime selfie.

Now I’m not against sharing your life … really. But when I look at a picture it evokes a specific memory. You know, like when you go into the photo album {do they still have them} and you say “I remember …” or “Gosh, I sure was …” I know my short term memory isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be, but I’m pretty sure you look pretty much the same now as you did five minutes ago, albeit probably with a different facial expression and perhaps a different outfit.

I just don’t understand the rationale of sharing every instance of your life with … well, the world. That’s where I need help. I need someone to explain this phenomenon to me. Is it simply because you can? Or you’re bored? Or you’re that vain?

I heard this morning {quite by accident} there are five million — that’s 5,000,000  — selfies posted every day. That’s about 4,999,999 more than I need to see.

Most of the digital reproductions appear to come from girls and young women. I don’t see too many boys or young men photos unless they happen to be one of the besties of the aforementioned ladies. There are relatively few “older” selfies which is probably because we seniors don’t know how to take them. And trust me, you probably don’t want to see them. It’s bad enough my mug is posted with the post.

I find all this somewhat amusing because, traditionally, if you point a camera at a selfie-taker, they will cringe, try to hide their face or hide behind the nearest pillow. But, give them a camera and it’s click, click, click.

I think it’s great we can share events with family and friends scattered hither and yon. But I keep scratching my head at selfies {which are usually mirrored images — maybe that’s what so annoying, trying to read the sweatshirt backwards}.

So, please, friends. Enlighten me. Do you take selfies? And more importantly, why?

I really want to know.

THOUGH TO REMEMBER: You want to know how long you’ll live? Till your work is done.

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7 Responses to Selfies

  1. Oh my goodness. Your thoughts are my thoughts. I absolutely do NOT take selfies. I barely allow anyone to take a picture of me that’s intended for online viewing. Last week a friend of mine took a selfie and I was wondering – What are you thinking? I guess I’ve answered your question – but just wanted to say that your word cringe just about describes my reaction at the sight of a camera.


  2. I’m anti-selfie. I see girls gather to do it, and they are all pouting like a group of backward facing baboons. Just….no. -shudders-


  3. TamrahJo says:

    My mom, in her 70s, last year, upgraded to a smartphone with all the bells and whistles – about a month ago, while visiting my brother, she proudly texted me and announced she had taken her first ‘selfie’ – – I, not a good daughter, at all, replied,
    “Good for you in learning the ins/outs/possibilities of your new toy, but why on earth would you take a selfie? They are the bane of human existence…”
    Yes, I apologized for not being properly enthusiastic over her accomplishments! 🙂

    I’m not photogenic – I don’t like my picture taken, I’m still, 3 years later, moving down on the to do list for my biz, FB, WordPress etc., “Get a decent headshot to post so folks know they’re dealing with a real person and not some fly-by-night cyber joker”
    I have no worries, no matter what I post, cause with all the professional help in the world, no one will look at my finalized, uploaded pic and think it’s not me – –
    In the words of Abraham Lincoln –
    “If I were two faced, would I be wearing this one?”

    I vote for “Don’t get it, either….”


  4. Ellen Hawley says:

    My phone is almost nothing but a phone (how amazing is that?), so if I’m ever overcome with the urge to take a selfie, it will protect me from myself.


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