On Notice

For last week’s Five Minute Friday post on the prompt NOTICE. I shared some observations, all kicking off with the prompt word., I ended the blog with the challenge, What about you, what have you noticed lately? (https://wisdomfromafather.com/2014/11/21/five-minute-friday-notice/ )

Well, you responded and I thought I would expand my thoughts with your thoughts.

Jane Anderson at http://talkkindnesstome.com/ contributed: I’ve noticed the more I think of others, the less I think of myself. I’ve noticed the more creativity I practice, the more creative I become. I’ve noticed the more I try to find the good in every day, the less I feel like the world if bad. I’ve noticed the more I focus on joy, the more joyful I am. I’ve noticed the less I worry, the more faith I have. I’ve noticed the less I think about what others think of me, the more I like who I am. I’ve noticed the more I trust God, the stronger my faith becomes. I’ve noticed the more I love God, the more I love all people.

Patty at http://http://pitterlepostings.blogspot.com/ added: I also notice how many people are alone. How many are wrapped up in their iPhones and their texting and not really communicating. I notice how many aren’t with their families. I notice how many seem to forget the things that are most important of all.

Helen  at http://iwillbloom.wordpress.com/ simply said, I’ve noticed how much I love FMF and love reading everyone’s responses to the prompts … so much honesty and love and creativity on display.

And with tongue-in-cheek {I think} DBP at http://vancouvervisions.com/ sent the following: I’ve noticed the word notice and derivatives thereof appear frequently on this page. I’ve noticed I always get your 5-min. Friday post on Tuesday. I’ve noticed I always feel pretty good after I’ve read it. I’ve noticed that for an introvert I’m talking a lot more these days. I’ve noticed that that seems to make my spirit happy. I’ve noticed it’s time to say God bless and I’ll read you later.

So there you go. Anything you notice?

As an aside, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. To my family and friends I say, As we gather family and friends in spirit and in person to share a day Thanksgiving, remember to count your blessings. Remember to let those you love know how much you care for them and what a blessing they are to your life. Share the hugs, the pats on the back, hearty handshakes. Make a mental memory of the time going past. We are here for a fleeting moment in time. It is always the right time to say I love you; always the right time to say thank you; always the right time to say I’m sorry; always the right time to show kindness; always the right time for a prayer of Thanksgiving.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Open your soul and let God begin to paint your heart’s graffiti for all to see.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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